That was No AngelMature

Namine walked to the bathroom, the dim lighting making it hard to see the travertine floors. She found it and pushed the door open. Even the bathroom was beautiful; the light white travertine floors blanketed the large bathroom with their 18x18 squares which led to the dark mahogany wood stalls adorned with chrome hinges.  To the right of the door was a large horizontal mirror that was the backdrop of the frosted glass sinks in the shape of bowls, the faucets had a modern flare with its straight handles. She hurriedly went to bathroom and decided to fix her makeup, no she wasn’t doing it for Leon she really wanted to look good for Luca, she wasn’t going to deny it she really liked him, his laugh, his chivalry, his care and love for animals, he genuinely was super sweet to her. She has only known him for a couple of hours but she just felt connected to him. It’s because it’s Kai. But according to the tale Kai died so how is he able to be reincarnated? Oh great now I’m fighting with my inner self. She thought as she quickly washed her hands and touched up everything. She took a deep breath and walked out of the bathroom to see Leon was stepping out as well, she was about to turn around back into the bathroom, when he spotted her.

“Namine, please give me a chance, I told you everything-“

“Save it Leon, even if it was an Angel that “possessed” you, you could have some self restraint and fought back. Now because of you my sister will never be the same.” She said sternly air quoting the word “possessed”.

“So you don’t believe me?” He asked his heart crumbling at her disdain for him, he heard her sigh and begin walking away. He was not about to take no for an answer. He quickly grabbed her arm and shoved her against the wall, a loud thud being heard. She gasp and  looked at his sapphire eyes.

“Leon you’re hurting me.” She whispered as he squeezed her wrist harder.

“I don’t see how you can break up with me and a couple hours later be with another man and act like you have been together for years. Did you even love me?” He asked his voice cracking as he choked on his own tears, Namine shoved him off of her and glared.

“I did love you but how can I forgive you when you make up bullshit and try and justify rape by some unearthly means?” She spat she saw a flicker of sadness fly across his eyes, but she felt no remorse he could rot in hell and burn for all she cared. NO ONE hurts her sister. She began walking away when he quickly came at her, this time grasping both of her wrists and placing them high above her head pressing her against the wall.

“Come on love, you remember how it felt. How much you use to whisper my name and moan against my touch. How you would touch me.” He said pressing his body against her, she looked around and saw no one around to even help her; she bit her lower lip as he pressed his cheek against hers his stubble scratching her. She decided she had no choice but to scream, she opened her mouth to yell but he quickly captured her mouth with his. She mumbled against the forceful kiss, his hot breath quickly filling her mouth. She shut her mouth tightly as she felt his smooth and long tongue penetrate her mouth, she quickly caught his tongue in her mouth and bit hard tasting blood coat her teeth. He pulled his mouth away as she shoved her knee hard into his groin hearing him yelp in pain and crumble to the ground, her sister taught her that.

“STAY AWAY FROM ME!” She said spitting the blood out of her mouth and onto his face that was now twisted in a painful expression. She quickly fled from the dark hallway and saw the front door she needed air. She quickly walked past the table seeing Zira eye her with concern.

“Namine. . ?”

“I’ll go.” Namine heard a familiar husky voice say quickly following her. She quickened her pace to almost a sprint bursting through the doors breathing heavily. The brisk spring air hit her skin as she took deep breaths, she looked up at the crisp navy blue sky trying to slow her racing heart beat.

“Namine, are you okay?” She heard Luca ask, she stopped pacing and swallowed hard.

“Yeah I’m fine.” She said pacing again, he sighed and walked over to her beginning to pace with her, she giggled at how ridiculous they both looked and stopped.

“Take a walk with me.” He said walking down the sidewalk and to the small waterfall patio that was isolated and away from the hustle of the front of the restaurant. She followed quietly and finally calmed her sporadic breathing.

“Will you tell me what’s wrong now?” He asked his light blue eyes looking at her with concern. She looked up at his eyes and she felt tears well in her eyes as she just began to cry, the tears came at such a force that she was almost hyperventilating, Luca quickly pulled her in a tight and loving hug, calmly running his fingers through her hair gently hushing her. She finally calmed down and sniffled looking at him.

“Leon kissed me, and he asked if I loved him and how I could be so happy with you, and then started talking about when we-“ She managed to say in between her sobs when he grabbed the bottom of her chin.

“I can get rid of his kiss.” He said slowly leaning into her; she sniffled again and shut her eyes, as she felt his soft and hot lips touching hers, gently almost as if he was scared. She smiled against the kiss waiting for him to make a move. He smiled and pressed his lips harder against hers quickly sliding his hands down to her waist but not any lower. Like instinct she wrapped her arms around his neck as they stood there in the moonlight kissing. Something about this kiss made heart flutter and butterflies fly in her stomach, he felt right no. . . . He was perfect. Luca pulled away softly and opened his eyes blushing.

“Wow” He whispered, Namine smiled and gently cupped his cheeks still looking into his eyes, her smile still remaining on her face. He placed his hand on top of her right leaning into her smooth palm.

“You’re beautiful when you smile.” He said, she felt her cheeks flush pink as he smiled quickly pecking her lips. She blinked a couple of time wiping her tears away, Luca smiled and pulled out a satin handkerchief wiping carefully away her smeared make up and tears. She sniffled and gathered her composure.

“Shall we return to the dinner my lady?” He asked holding out his arm, she smiled happily.

“We shall.” She said hooking her arm with his walking down the sidewalk and back into the restaurant. Namine saw Leon acting normal as he sat next to Zira; she looked like she was ready to stab him with the fork she held onto tightly. Namine smiled at the thought of her stabbing him as Zira quickly looked up and gave her a mischievous grin.

“Well, well look what the cat dragged in, what were you two doing?” She asked like a small child waiting to tell mommy.

“None of your business.” Namine stated sticking her tongue out, Zira gasped pretending to be hurt.

“That hurt little sis.” Dante laughed and rammed his shoulder into Zira’s arm gently; she giggled and then stopped sensing something was up. Zira looked at Namine then at Leon raising an eyebrow.

“So Luca, do you have any siblings?” Dante asked, Luca smiled and nodded.

“Yes matter a fact I do there twins: Josiah and Santiago. I’m the oldest.” He said, Zira looked at Luca with a very questionable look.

“So where are they?” Leon asked, Luca turned his attention to him, his face turning into a twisted and malicious look.

“I think you know where they are Leon.” Luca said harshly

“Woah, wait you know each other?” Namine asked completely in shock and confusion.

“Leon isn’t who he thinks he is and he knows it.” Leon’s eyes widened and looked over at Zira twirling her butter knife.

“I told you to speak the truth, now tell me who you really are or else I will jam this knife so far down your throat you will drown on your own blood. Now speak.” She barked stabbing the knife between his fingers.

“Not here, I need the book.”

“Really? Dante why don’t we head to your house, I would like to play a little game.” Zira said making Namine shiver she sounded evil.

“Sure Luca, Namine follow us.” Dante said throwing a tip on the table and walking outside. Namine watched Dante and Zira shove Leon into the back of his own car like some kind of criminal. Even though she hated him at this moment a part of her felt sorry for him.

The End

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