“Why did you make me say that?!” Zira yelled at no one in particular, she paced in the meadow back and forth, and clenched and unclenched her fists.

“I am simply doing what you are supposed to do. You can’t suppress me any longer Zira I am your true self and I will take over, just make it easier and give in-“Vera said, Zira’s mouth moving against her will.

“No, I can’t-“

“Please Zira give it up, I need Dante to wake up as well, he knows who I am. I can tell by his touch, oh how I missed his face and extravagant body. Come on you know you fell in love with him at first sight”

“I don’t know what to feel anymore and what do you mean Dante needs to wake up?”

“Dante is Santiago the love of my life . . .  my husband” Vera said softly, her voice dropping its harsh tone.

“You just want to be with him again.”

“Yes, but I will be doomed to a life without him, my soul mate, if you continue to fight me, if he continues to fight. I need him to remember and I need you to help me.”

“Why would I help you?”

“Because you are helping yourself, letting yourself truly love madly and deeply.” Vera said her thoughts leaving Zira’s mind as she was silent.

“Hey, are you okay!” She heard a strong and deep voice shout from behind her, she turned around slowly to see a stunning man. She looked at herself, soaked in blood and dirt covered in bruises. She looked like a stow away running from a horrendous past. Which wasn’t entirely a lie. She walked slowly toward him, his onyx locks was spiked messily on top of his head and bobbed up and down and he hastily walked over to her.

“I just need to get cleaned up can you help me?” She asked softly as he came into view, his glistening sweat covered chest glowed against the white backdrop of the trees. His chiseled chest lead down to his long legs that were covered in dark blue denim jeans that fit him like a glove. She stopped walking so she was only a foot away. He looked at her, his blue and grey eyes filled with concern.

“Will you be able to walk? I can help you my home is a just a couple yards away.” He said softly as she nodded yes to his question.

“Thank you for your help-“

“Luca, my name is Luca and what is your name my lady?” He asked very formally, she smiled at his soft and endearing tone. Namine would love him.  She thought to herself before responding:

“Zira, my name is Zira.” He smiled and unlocked his home and opened the door for her, his chivalry was a nice change from the city life. She walked in timidly when she heard a mass of patters come from the other end of the house.

“Oh shoot, sorry my dogs can get a little-“

“They are beautiful!” She shouted with a childlike essence dropping to her knees, she smiled seeing a solid black one sitting across the hall staring at her with one green eye and one blue.

“Raven” She said as Luca gave her a questionable look.

“How did you know that was her name?”

“I didn’t, that’s just what she reminds me of.” She stated keeping her eyes on the stunning majestic creature. Luca whistled and all of the dogs sat at attention, he held his hand out in a stay motion and went to a small room to her left hearing, metal bowls and sounds of food filling them. The dogs were like statues real still, they didn’t even flinch. He put the bowls down and called each of them by name one at a time.

“Aaric, Cyon, Raven, Fai, Eron.” They all walked slowly to their perspective bowls and silently ate. Luca hurriedly washed his hands and grabbed a bowl with warm water and walked over to Zira, she continued to watch the dogs in awe as he gently dipped the cloth in the hot water. He gently slid the cloth over her skin removing the dirt and debris revealing her lightly tanned skin. She turned her attention to him and smiled.

“Thank you Luca. They are beautiful how did you get them some well trained?”

“They are Siberian huskies mixed with wolves. They are very loyal creatures and eager to learn. But they can be rambunctious and hard to handle.” He said continuing washing Zira up moving to her face. When she heard the soft nails hit the bamboo wood floors. She glanced over to see Raven staring at her slowly walking towards her. As if stalking her prey. Zira reached her hand out when Luca stopped cleaning and said No.

“She bites.”

“I am not afraid” She said turning to look at her fully. Raven kept her eyes on Zira softly nuzzling her head against her hand.

“That’s unusual Raven is mean and doesn’t like anyone. Maybe you all met in a past life.” He said with a cute accent. She smiled thinking of her dream with her white wolf.

“Maybe we have.” She said watching Luca get up and grab some bandages off of the counter.

“So happened to you?” He asked wrapping up some of her larger wounds.

“Too much to tell you in a couple of minutes.” She said looking at his shirtless body again before she remembered something.

“Luca do you have a phone I could use?” She asked, he nodded and pulled out his cell phone, she looked at him quizzically.

“Cell phones are easier then getting terrible land line service.” He said chuckling nervously; she gave him a quick smile before dialing her sister.

“Z what the hell are you doing, you scared the living shit out of me, oh then I asked-“

“Namine, breathe.” Zira said calmly before Namine sighed and restarted her conversation.

“I know where you’re at and I’m coming to get you.”

“You do?”

“Yes, I saw it. . . and Zira you said to ask Leon about why you hate him.” Zira simply looked down at Raven and petted the top of her head down her back.

“Oh. . . and what did he say?” She asked curiously to see if Leon held up his side of the bargain.

“He fucking RAPED you and you didn’t think to tell me? Did you want me to continue dating a rapist, oh god what if I married him then what?” She was practically shouting over the phone, Zira didn’t say anything she remained quiet and let Namine vent, after her little rant was over, Zira spoke up.

“I am sorry, I know you love him and I didn’t want to jeopardize your happiness.” She said softly

“Loved him, but he is dead to me and he will pay for what he did to you.” Namine said darkly, something in Zira boiled in her hoping that she could kill him herself but then Raven looked at her with a calm glimmer in her eyes which calmed Zira down.

“You said you found me are you almost here?”

“Yes I think, I’m surrounded by weird white trees.”

“Yes you are almost here. I’ll find you don’t move.” Zira said hanging up and looking at Luca.

“Thank you, do you think you can help me locate my sister?” She said handing him his phone back, he smiled and looked at his dogs.

“Yes Ma’am.” He said with a smile that could melt any grown woman’s heart. She carefully  got up making sure Raven’s head didn’t flop to the floor  as she started walking toward the door. Raven jolted up and followed her.

“It looks like Ravens coming too.” Luca said opening the door for her and Raven. She walked out into the sun, squinting at the light. And walking with Luca into the woods where he found her. Raven walked tightly by Zira’s side and smiled, something about her felt familiar and made her feel safe.

“How did you end up out here Luca?” Zira asked breaking the silence that was between them, he smiled in excitement.

“I moved out here when I went camping and ran into Cyon as a pup. He was abandoned and beat up; it looked like he just escaped poachers. There are a surprisingly a large amount out here that sell their pelts.”

“Sick bastards” She said harshly as she heard Raven growl in agreement. Zira patted her head feeling her soft fur swallow her hand.

“Exactly, he was timid naturally but I nursed him and couldn’t bare to leave him out here on his own knowing that there were people out there that wanted to hurt theses beautiful creatures. So I quit my job and began my own sanctuary out here. It’s tough not having a lot of money but working with them and seeing them happy is more than anything could buy.”

“You love them don’t you?” Zira asked admiringly as she watched his face glow when he spoke of them.

“Yes, I suppose I do.”

“Have you ever been in love?” Zira pressed, she was curious if he was single, not for herself but for Namine.

“Sadly no, I always immersed myself in my work so much so that if any girl even spoke to me, I would tune them out. I would love to be in love, but I haven’t met anyone that ‘sweeps me off my feet’” He said chuckling softly, he had a soft and hardy laugh something she knew her sister would admire. She continued their conversation when she heard her name being called.

“NAMINE!” Zira called hearing her voice echo through the forest, followed by Zira in the distance, Raven growled and Luca held her.

“Looks like you found your sister.” She smiled and waved at her, Namine was practically sprinting towards her before she slowed down and saw her companion. Zira looked at Luca then at her sister smiling.

“Namine! This is Luca, he helped me tremendously, Luca this is Namine my sister.” She said smiling brightly seeing Namine blush realizing that Luca’s beautifully sculpted body was shirtless.


“H-hello, it’s nice to meet you.” She said extending her hand out to shake his hand. Luca smiled at her and softly took her hand looking at her eyes as he pressed his soft warm lips against the top of her hand. Raven gave a little howl bringing them back to reality. Namine let go quickly and stepped back as she looked around, she could feel her cheeks heat up.

“Why don’t we head back to my place for now, I’m pretty sure Zira could use a little rest and so could you. Are you okay?” Luca asked as he stared at Namine with a worried look. Her eyes went wide as her hand quickly wiped her eyes.

“Sure and I’m fine.” Namine said as she looked at Zira to see if she was okay with that too.

“Yeah, I could use a little rest. Namine, have you heard from Dante?” Zira asked ask she and Raven walked a little ahead. She felt them walking behind her as she followed Raven back to the house.

“He went to the hospital with Renegade. I was going to see you when I found her wounded. Dante was on the ground bleeding from the ears. I don’t really know exactly what happened. I came to find you and it seemed they were too.” Namine said from behind. Zira stopped in her tracks.

“What happened to Dante? Why was he bleeding? Wait. . . where’s Leon?” Zira asked looking around as she spat out Leon’s name.

“Yeah, we are officially broken up, he told me everything.” Namine said her voice trailing off, Zira continued walking ahead her heart catching her throat.

“Oh and what did he tell you?” She asked keeping her nerves calm as she waited for her response. Luca listened to the conversation carefully, a part of him secretly happy that Namine was single.

“ Just something he did when he was drunk, needless to say I wasn’t going to forgive him for that sin.” Namine said through gritted teeth.

Look at baby sis trying to be all tough and strong.

Vera said in Zira’s mind mockingly, Zira held a scowl on her face clenching her hand into a fist. Luca opened the door for the sisters as they stepped inside.

“Wow this house is beautiful!” Namine said in awe her eyes scanning everything, Luca smiled in gratitude and gave her a tour of the house. Leaving Raven and Zira alone, Raven sat still right next to Zira as if a protector staring straight ahead. Zira was attached to this beautiful creature she seemed familiar . . . she felt like home.  Namine and Luca’s laughter could be heard from down the hall as she oo and awed over the house. Zira looked at the house this time fully looking at it before she got distracted by the dogs. Although he is out in the middle of nowhere the house was very elegant and decorated with items from around the world, Japanese fans hung on the wall that had a hand painted mural of bamboo and Bonsai trees. Namine and Luca came smiling around the corner, Namine finding a mini shadow to follow her around.

“Luca’s place is beautiful! And look at this mural!” She exclaimed when there was a loud buzz heard. She pulled her phone out and looked at it seeing it was Leon. She sighed and said excuse me to Luca. He nodded in agreement watching her retreating form walk out the door. Zira smiled and walked over to Luca watching his eyes watch her intricately.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” Zira asked coyly, watching him blush and tear his eyes away from her.

“She is certainly stunning, Leon is her ex right?” Luca asked a spark of jealously dancing across his royal blue eyes. Zira dropped her smile and sighed.

“Yes Leon is her ex, but something tells me it won’t be the last time we will see him. Maybe you can beat him up for me.” She said laughing before looking at the door to see Namine pacing. Zira walked over and leaned into the door frame.

“Everything okay?” She whispered, Namine stopped pacing and handed Zira the phone.

“He wants’ to talk to you.” She said softly, Zira looked at her phone as if it was a disease and held it up to her ear, anger boiling to the surface.

“What the hell do you want Leon-“

“Please hear me out, it wasn’t me that did that to you-“

“Oh bull fucking shit Leon, I was there oh wait did you think I forgot?? Fuck off you bastard.”

“It was an angel-“

“An angel? Really Leon that’s what you are going with, last time I checked in every religion Angels are pure as light.” She said rolling her eyes watching Namine’s face turn to one of worriment.

“Please Zira you have to believe me, it wasn’t me, I was possessed.” He said, Zira stopped her sarcasm and stood at attention her eyes staring at the porch coldly. Xaviera has possessed her; she knows it can’t be controlled. But Leon . . . if what he says was true than he knows about their past. Oh my God, she is officially insane, she now believes in this whole legend. But right now she needs to speak with Leon: now.

“If I believe you I need you to tell me everything. But right now I have nothing to say to you, so I will call you tomorrow and we will meet then.” She said angrily hanging up on him she clutched Namine’s phone tightly, her eyes not moving from the spot that she was captivating her.

“Do you have Dante’s number; I need to make sure he’s okay.” She said looking at Namine’s phone.

“Yes, I do if you want, you can take Leon’s car and I can stay here. Right now I don’t think there is much I can do to comfort him.” She  said a coy smile starting to form on her face. Zira found his number and heard it ring once before she heard a tired voice answer:

“Hey Namine, did you find her?” He asked his voice lower than usual.

“Dante its Zira, is Renegade okay?” She asked her voice catching in her throat making her question come out as a squeak. He took in a deep breath his breath breaking in small outbursts a sign that she knew too well.

“No.” Is all he said before he hung up. She bit her lower lip and looked at Namine who held up Leon’s keys on her index finger the light clinging chiming as they swung on her finger. Zira smiled gratefully and looked at Luca.

“Thank you Luca but I am going to leave for now, I will return a little later tonight, if that’s okay.” She said as Luca’s face lit up.

“Of course, do what you need to do.” He said as Namine walked through the door over to him, Zira squatted down and hugged Raven tightly kissing the top of her head the soft black fur tickling her lips.

“I will be back girl.” She said softly practically sprinting outside to find the car.

The End

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