Stay Away From MeMature

Dante paced back and forth in front of the Vidgen where he first took Zira, he is usually calm and collected. But losing her it felt like a piece of him left as well. He clutched the book that he found by his car tightly as he felt a warm hand touch his shoulder.

“Dante, calm down we will find her, I promise” Renegade said annunciating his name with her thick accent. He exhaled and looked at her, how could she promise anything, when she didn’t even like her to begin with. Dante brushed her hand off of him he was filled with anger and didn’t even know why.

“Don’t promise me anything Renegade, because if you can’t keep your promise, I will kill you” He said walking closer to her, she backed up into the wall and stared at him, she could see darkness starting to consume him, she shoved him back and kept her stare, she didn’t want to do this, but she had to calm him down. She held her stare and began chanting: Hebu mfalme wangu safi gizakatika nafsi yake na nyumajehanamu ambapo ni mali  

Dante dropped the book and grabbed his head, the ear piercing ringing was echoing into his head like he was in a cave. He grunted and fell to his knees looking at the book, he needed help his own friend was betraying him. He continued to look at the book as if it would offer some help he could see the pages slightly move as sweat began dripping off of his skin.

“Let my king clean the darkness in his soul and back to hell where it belongs. Well done witch but you can’t protect my son from me forever, that girl is doing all of my work and doesn’t even know it.” Renegade heard a maniacal and deep voice say from behind her. Renegade’s skin turned ice cold, her body stricken with fear so badly she couldn’t move. She could feel the deep voice approach her from behind his rough, dry and cracked lips brushing against her flesh.

“Damien” Renegade whispered her eyes widening in shock, he has never showed his face ever since her ancestors passed away.

“Good girl you do remember me. Now if you remember me, you should fear me. I can kill you in an instant.” He whispered digging his hand into her back sinking it into her flesh sending a searing pain across her body, she screamed out in pain. She could feel his claws pierce the muscle tissue that caressed her spine; he was millimeters from hitting one of her vertebrae. She could do nothing, tears slipped from her eyes as he taunted the inside of her body.

“Now, now my pretty witch, there is no need to cry. You would be of no use to me if you die now.” He spat turning his hand into a fist and yanking it out of her back, she screamed hoarsely as she collapsed in pain at his feet. He merely looked down at her in glee; he dug his leather shoe into her rib cage knocking her over. Renegade was powerless and she temporarily immobilized Dante, so he couldn’t help her.

“Now here is what I need you to do Renegade, if you truly love the boy I need you to stay out of the way. If you get in the way of me or that girl again, I will torture him in front of your eyes and watch you slowly die from his pain. Then when he is close to death I will make him watch you die at my hands.  Have fun loving someone who is never going to love you in return.” He spat kicking her hard hearing her rib cage shatter at the force he hit her with. She screamed in pain crying as she heard footsteps running toward her. She curled into a bar withering in pain.

“IT HURTS! MAKE IT STOP!” She screamed, her back was on fire he didn’t just stab her with his claws he inserted something in her. She cried as the wound in her back contracted in pain every 2 minutes.

“Renegade!” She heard Namine’s voice yell in the distance, Renegade cried. Her sobs only causing her more pain, with each hyperventilating cry it would cause her rib cage to crack and stab her internally.

“Please help Dante. . . make sure he’s okay.” She coughed, blood spilling out from the side of her mouth. Namine looked at Leon signaling for him to check on Dante when she checked on Renegade.

“Renegade what happened?” She asked wiping the blood off of her face with her sleeve making sure to carefully avoid any major wounds.

“D-Damien, he did this to me.” She said hoarsely looking at Namine, Namine looked at her confused and quickly called 911.

“Please, the book, the book will tell you everything.”She said shutting her eyes; Namine placed her finger under Renegades nose to make sure she was still breathing and looked over at Leon.

“Leon?” She asked seeing he was backed up against the wall looking at Dante in fear, disgust and disbelief.

“You-?” Leon said with a light tremble in his voice, Dante looked up into Leon’s blue eyes. A wave of anger rushed through him as he quickly got to his feet.

“Brother.”  Dante coldly said, glaring at Leon.

“Why are you here?”

“I could ask you the same thing.” Dante said stumbling on to his feet quickly grabbing the book off of the ground, he looked around quickly and saw Namine holding Renegade. He dropped down to his knees and touched her cheek.

“We need to get her to a hospital-“Before he could finish his sentence the ambulance sirens came blaring through the cold night air and pulled up quickly. The paramedics moved in a blur shouting random medical jargon to each other as they loaded her up into the back. Dante jumped in and shot Namine a look.

“See you at the hospital” He said before they shut the doors and sped off, the sirens not seizing in its obnoxious sound. Namine looked at Leon still looking at the spot Dante once stood.

“BROTHER??” She shouted quickly walking over to him, Leon shot up to his feet and looked at Namine.

“I was going to tell you, but he left my life years ago, I didn’t even think he was still alive”

“Whatever, I am going to find Zira. You can help or not, I don’t really care either way.” She stated seeing the book lying on the ground. She raised her eyebrow quizzically at it and opened the old pages carefully seeing a painting of what looked like her sister. Namine looked on the back of the painting to see some words scribbled on the bottom of it. “Assignment one: Marked” Namine flipped through the pages and began walking down the sidewalk and up into the forest that was about a mile up the road.

There she was, my mark, all I had to do is assassinate her and I could collect my reward. She was just a woman after all. I followed her at a distance through the busy town square; she spoke to no one and kept her head low, no one seemed to notice her either.  I continued to follow her to a small path that lead down the lake. Where was she headed?  I didn’t care either, but what was unusual is that she never looked around at anything, she just looked forward. This was going to be an easy assignment she is walking into an isolated area . . . perfect time to kill her. I slowly came around the corner and then she was gone. It was like she disappeared into thin air. It couldn’t be . . .  she couldn’t have known. I . . . .

“Weird this journal entry just cuts off” Namine said softly flipping the page to see blood splattered on the page.  She sighed and continued to flip the page to see another journal entry date October13:

She knew someone was going to assassinate her, she knew EVERYTHING. Yet she didn’t kill me, she was a Medon Pavmire and she showed restraint. However, something in me still fears for my life. Her eyes hold darkness in them but yet they somehow captivate me. As I write this entry I find myself watching her, her raven locks blowing softly in the breeze, her cold dark green eyes glare at me whenever I move. But she was stunning, her beauty was unearthly. Even though I’m bleeding out from the wound she left in my chest she simply stated “Death is to easy for a pathetic being like you. I want you to take me to your employer and when you do I will kill him and then you.” She said that to me so coldly that it sent shivers down my spine and cemented me to the spot I stood. I can feel myself pushing the blood out of my flesh making me weak and faint but I wanted to help her . . . even if it meant it would bring me death.


“Santiago. . . why does that name sound familiar?” Namine asked as she heard Leon run up along side of her.

“Look, Namine I’m sorry-“

“It doesn’t matter, it’s in your past and I don’t care about it. I care about our future, and right now my future needs to have my sister in it.” She said walking up the steep graded hill as he let out a breath of relief. She smiled softly and shut the book looking around.

“Hey babe?” She asked continuing her trek into the forest.

“Yes my love?” He asked, she stopped and looked back at him.

“Does the name Santiago sound familiar to you?” She asked seeing Leon’s face change to a shocked one. She was about to speak when a sudden rush of pain enveloped her skin. She gasped for air, Leon ran to her aid sweeping her up in his arms.

“Namine?”  He asked as she dropped the book, she shut her eyes feeling a rush of cool air envelope her skin as she saw a woman standing over Zira.

“Zira. . .” Namine whispered as Leon looked at his love convulsing in his arms. Namine felt anger consume her as she watched the pale woman with piercing sapphire blue eyes scream at Zira who she had pinned to the ground.

“I told you I don’t know who KAI is, and you are not my sister!” Zira screamed which was quickly silenced by the woman’s fist. NO, Zira is going to snap, I have to find her.  Namine thought to herself looking around seeing an unfamiliar scene, this wasn’t anywhere in the city. She heard about this place though it was about 60 miles out from town. It was a wolf sanctuary that was run off of donations.

“You do know who he is-“

“Fine! I killed your precious Kai is that what you want to hear MELINA!” Zira yelled punching Melina off of her and spitting some blood out of her mouth. Namine watched her sister . . . no that wasn’t her sister anymore, her words were cold and like daggers. Everything she said was hateful.

“How about this Melina, I would kill your precious Kai ALL over again to ensure the safety of my people. Let me tell you the truth Melina, I didn’t know he was your husband, if I knew-“

“You would what??? Spare his life, save me the bullshit-“

“No I would have killed him in front of you for what you did to me. You act like you are a saint but you are as wretched as your father. But don’t worry baby sister, your new love. . .  Leon. I am going to kill him and this time YOU WILL watch him die.” Zira said with a wicked cackle walking towards where Namine was watching.

“I see you Namine.” Zira said mockingly, her simple phrase cold and sending fear through her body.

“You dare touch him and I will kill you.” Namine said angrily, Zira smiled and took a deep breath.

“Oh naive little sister, you don’t think I haven’t? Ha-ha, why don’t you ask him what he did to me, and then you will find out why I hate him so much. See you soon, sis.” Zira said turning around as Melina disappeared. Namine gasped and opened her eyes to see Leon watching her with concern in his eyes. She hasn’t seen Zira like that since they were teenagers, but somehow that didn’t seem like her. It sounded like someone else, like she was possessed. But she couldn’t let her words scare her, however, what did she mean by you don’t think I haven’t?.

“Baby, are you okay.” Leon asked as he held her tightly, Namine sat up slowly and looked at his eyes worried.

“I know where Zira’s at . . . but you have to tell me the truth. You know a lot more then you are telling me-“Leon looked at her wide eyed and sighed helping her up to her feet.

“There is a lot I know that I didn’t want to tell you at least not like this-“

“What did you do to Zira?” She blurted out Leon bit his lower lip and looked away from her.

“Leon whatever it is you can tell me-“

“I- I can’t. If I tell you, I will lose you. A life without you is sentencing me to death-“

“Just tell me what you did to her.”

“I- I was drunk and was upset that you left me to go on that vacation. I felt like I was going to lose you-“

“You honestly think I would cheat on you?” She asked bewildered watching his face turn solemn, Namine’s body was feeling weak from her episode and quickly sat down, to regain her composure.

“I don’t know what I was feeling but I saw your sister walking out of the bar. She looked like she just came from a bad night. So I started talking to her and asked if she needed a ride home. She said that I was drunk and shouldn’t be driving and offered to drive me home. I obliged and was well on my way home. She pulled up to my driveway and got out of the car and helped me into the house and laid me on the couch. But I didn’t want her to leave-“Namine listened to his words carefully, so far there was nothing that he should be ashamed of.

“But she was so beautiful and kind, she reminded me of you so I kissed her. She punched me and said I was dating you and to leave her alone. But No wasn’t an option, I needed to feel you and she was the next best thing. So I yanked her down and punched her and striped her naked and went to town on her. She fought back and was very strong but I was buried deep in her and way stronger. But she was screaming to loud so I decided to knock her out and finish. I felt guilty afterwards and sobered up to realize what I did. She finally woke up and grabbed the sharpest thing near her and stabbed me. She vowed never again and that she wouldn’t say anything because she didn’t want to hurt you.” Namine ground her teeth together and swung her hand across his face, the slap resonating through the quietness of the air. Her hand tinted red with the sting of the hit, she felt tears well in her eyes that she refused to let fall.

“Stay away from me and my sister you sick fuck.” She spat grabbing the book and running back into the city.

“Namine! Please don’t leave me, I’m sorry!” He screamed as he watched her run away. 

The End

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