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Namine laid there in Leon’s arms, her head resting against his chest, she smiled to herself as she saw his hair tangled and in his face from his sweat. She sighed heavily and stretched to kiss his lips. The warmth of his smooth skin radiated against her own sweat covered body. He moaned quietly and captured her lips in a more sensual kiss. She giggled and pulled away from him, he smiled at her and ran his hand along her back.

“That is a wonderful way to be woken up.” He said as Namine’s cell phone rang, the ringtone of the Mental Hotline made Leon roll his eyes. Namine sighed and leaned over to grab her phone off of the nightstand.

“No just let it go to voicemail, please my love-“He said batting his eyelashes and pouting, she shoved him playfully and grabbed her phone.

“Hey Z, what’s going on?” Namine answered, her face suddenly dropping to a worried one.

“Slow down where is she? What do you mean you don’t know?!?! I LEFT her with you!” She shouted jumping out of bed and rummaging the room for her clothes. Leon watched her scrambling around and smiled holding up her underwear. Namine blushed and snatched them out of his hand.

“Alright where are you? You are where?” She asked she looked confused and looked at Leon that was now holding her Bra, she growled under her breath at him and slipped it on quickly.

“Wait how did you get her phone? She never leaves her phone.”

“NAMINE just get here quickly.” She heard Dante shout hanging up. She hurried and got dressed throwing Leon’s clothes at him.

“Come on you’re coming too. I need all the help I can get finding my sister.”

“Knowing her she’s probably out murdering someone.” He said his eyes glimmering at his own joke.  Namine stared at him and put on her shoes.

“Don’t speak about my sister like that, she has done nothing but protect me in whatever way is necessary. Leon, you don’t know her so if you speak of her in that tone again, I will hurt you.” She said very darkly as she zipped up her boots, Leon rolled his eyes and kissed her cheek. She pulled away from him and stood up grabbing his keys off of the nightstand.

“Are you seriously mad? It was a joke, plus your sister doesn’t even like me-“

“If she doesn’t like you it’s for a good reason.” She said walking out of the room and out of his house.

The End

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