Namine watched her sister walk out of the room and decided to call Leon, she took a deep breath a dialed his number. Before the second ring she heard the phone stop ringing.

“Namine?” She heard his voice ask, she smiled even though she knew he couldn’t see it.

“Yes it’s me.”

“Where the hell have you been, I have been searching for you for days! Where are you, I need to see you now, are you okay?” He angrily said together in one sentence, she winced at the anger she heard in his voice and sighed.

“I am fine, can I meet you somewhere?”

“Yeah where are you at, can you meet me at my house?” He asked Namine looked out the window; she had no idea where she was.

“Umm I don’t know where I am-“

“What do you mean you don’t know where you are?” He asked clearly irritated, she could picture him rubbing his temple slowly, trying to stay calm. Namine looked around and walked out the front door and toward the nearest street sign.

“I am on Devil’s Lane, does that sound familiar?”

“Why are you down there, there is nothing good down there? Stay at the nearby park which should be about a block and half away stay there and I will get come and get you. ” He said hanging up the phone. She looked around for a sign that stated there was a park; she saw a small brown sign that stated Inferno Park to the right. That’s an odd name she thought to herself as she followed the various signs down the block. She hummed to herself and saw a park come into view. She smiled and saw the playground it was beautiful. It was surrounded by trees like a forest and had a merry go round that looked like it was fire breathing dragon around the outside of it.  There were bars that spun around that were shaped like Ursula’s tentacles. Zira would love this park, Namine thought to herself. She continued down the hill and across the bright green grass to a set of swings that were camouflaged like black wings, she sat on the swings and swung back in forth gently, to make sure she didn’t swing too high. Suddenly there were loud footsteps behind her and before she could get up she felt warm strong arms wrap around her chest tightly. She gasped and looked up to see Leon’s face in the nape of her neck. She smiled and quickly caught his lips with hers, she was never one to initiate the kiss first but she felt like she hadn’t seen him in a life time. Leon pulled away and sat on a swing next to her and looked at her in shock.

“What’s wrong, Namine?”

“Nothing’s wrong, everything is wonderful now that you’re here.” She said smiling brightly at him as she began pumping her legs back and forth getting the swing to rise higher and higher. She leaned back and looked at the pure blue sky peaking at her in-between the trees.

“Why do you feel you have to lie to me, I know you better than that. So what is really bothering you my love?” He said watching her swing happily back and forth. Namine sat up and placed her legs down, her feet dragging across the sand, slowing her down and finally to a halt.

“If I tell you, do you promise not to say this to anyone again?” She asked sternly her tone unwavering and strong as she looked at her boyfriend’s beautiful eyes. He dropped his smile and nodded in agreement as he waited anxiously for her speak.

“Leon, have you ever felt like you aren’t meant to be here, like in this lifetime. I know I sound crazy but Zira just told me something, but it felt like a part of me didn’t believe her, like I hated her.” I don’t know why, because what she told me. . . I know she did it to protect me but it just wasn’t right!” Namine shouted out in one breath. She quickly looked away from Leon ashamed that she just blurted that out, but she had to tell someone. Leon got up and walked in front of her, he gently pushed her chin up so she was looking up at him, he gave her smile and pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear with his free hand and let out a sigh.

“It doesn’t sound crazy at all my love, because ever since I met you, I felt like I’ve known you for a lifetime I still don’t understand why. But whatever Zira did her guilt will consume her and then she will have no one to blame but herself.” He said smirking; Namine pulled her head away and stood up.

“Why do you dislike my sister, when you have no idea what she did to protect me?”

“I just don’t, I can’t stand her, she’s rude and condescending and she just hates me. And quite frankly I don’t like her either, some part of me just hates her.” He barked at Namine making her jump and look at him angrily.

“She doesn’t hate you, she just doesn’t trust you. And the fact that you would say something like that about her- I just can’t believe you would say that. You know what she went through, you were there.” She said her voice trailing off as she looked at the ground, she heard Leon sigh in annoyance and his warm fingers slide in-between her hand. She looked up and smiled softly, she could never be mad at him. Ever.

“I know what she went through and no one asked her to stay with him, she chose too on her own free will Namine. So you need to stop coddling to her about her past. Her choices were made and nothing can change that, and you need to accept that babe.” He said looking at her with bright eyes. She nodded in agreement and looked ahead to see his car was waiting in the small parking lot that was made for the park.

“Let’s go home” She said as he began walking to his car with her; hand in hand.

The End

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