Nothing is ever HopelessMature

There was suddenly a loud gasp that entered the room from behind everyone that was talking. Dante straightened and turned around seeing Zira was awake.

“Where am I?” She stammered taking in her surroundings, she looked down at her legs to see they were blanketed by a hand woven blanket with an emblem of someone’s Sir Name. She continued to look around seeing she was lying on a pure white chase lounge chair placed in front of the far wall with a bay window perched behind her. The ceiling was adorned by hand embossed tin tiles dating towards the Victorian era. It appeared that she was in a plantation house with its antique décor and furniture.

“Well look it there, your little girlfriend lives” She heard a very thick Swahili accent come from a stone column that was on the other side of the room, her ebony skin glistening under the soft  lighting of the free standing lamp. She stared at Zira with onyx eyes as she silently walked over, to her reaching her hand out. Zira quickly backed away as she gave her a quizzical look.

“Child, I am the one that healed your wound; there is no need for distrust.” She simply stated as Zira turned her head slowly, a dull throbbing still remained at the back of her skull. She felt the woman’s cold hands move her hair out of the way and touch the wound. To Zira’s surprise there was no hole in her head and it was already stitched.

“Thank you. . .”

“Renegade, my name is Renegade, and I am not the one you should thank.” She stated sternly as she looked over to Dante who was still in his purple dress shirt, this time it was unbuttoned completely and showed his tan and muscle clad stomach. She slowly ran her eyes up his stomach and chest to look into his green eyes.

“Thank you Dante, we really should stop doing this damsel in distress and prince thing-“He let a chuckle and smiled at her coyly.

“I’m glad you and your sister are okay.” He stated turning his gaze to Namine who sat in a chair to my right equally as white as the chair she sat on.

“Namine, are you okay, did Talia hurt you??” She asked quickly, Namine looked up from her trance toward Zira letting out a breath, Zira new that sigh something was on her mind. She just wasn’t going to say it out loud to strangers.  Zira looked at Dante then at Renegade, she got the hint and touched Dante’s shoulder.

“Come Dante, leave the girls be for now.” She whispered, Dante turned his gaze away from Zira and followed Renegade out of the room.

“What’s wrong Namine?”

Namine looked down at the floor biting down on her lip deep in thought. She wasn't sure how to explain to Zira that they should try to get their memories back. She thought about the vision she had before she found Zira unconscious. She was afraid she would have to go back there but she truly believed that they need to understand what was happening to them and their past. Maybe it would be better just to leave everything alone and continue on as if nothing happened? No she knew that didn't feel right.

"Namine, are you okay, hello would you just spit it out?” Zira asked highly irritated now. Namine has always done this to her, she just shuts down, Zira’s patience was next to nothing. She wasn’t about to deal with this now.

“Namine, you have been doing this since we were toddlers, you know you can confide in me, I have never revealed any secrets of yours or mine for that matter. Just speak to me about what’s bothering you; trust me.” She said calmly getting up and leaning against the arm of the chase she was laying on earlier.

“Zira, when you passed out di-did you see anything, like a vision?” She stammered out to her sister knowing she was asking something stupid. Zira looked at her little sister and contemplated what to tell her.

“It wasn’t a vision, it was more like a dream of the past, something I lived, it wasn’t anything it was just me watching my pet die. But it’s not like it was real or anything. Why? Did you see something?” She asked cocking her head to the side her raven hair being tossed over her shoulder.

“I did and it wasn’t just anything, I was being. . . “Namine’s voice trailed off as she rubbed her arm, something she did when she was anxious.

“You were being what Namine?” Zira asked firmly, needing to know what happened, even though it was a ‘dream’ she still hated the fact that she didn’t feel safe in her own dreams.

“A man named Josiah, well, he was raping the girl Melina, but it felt like it was happening to me-“ Zira tuned out the rest of Namine’s sentence and stared at the bay window that overlooked a beautiful courtyard. There was a canopy of roses intricately woven over the iron structure that covered the water fountain that was bubbling quietly.

“Namine?” Zira asked softly as she continued to look out the window, she has kept the secret of what happened between her and her step father but, she needed to know what Josiah looked like.

“Yes?” Namine asked pushing off of the furniture and walking toward her sister.

“What did this Josiah look like, did he look like Josephino?” She asked quickly turning her head to look at Namine, waiting for her answer anxiously.

“He had dark brown eyes, but I can’t really remember the details, why do you ask?”

“Do you remember that day I pushed you out of the window and on to the trampoline?”

“Yes. . . I remember your screams, but never saw Josephino again. You never told me what happened, you just showed up with blood on your waist and face and were forcing back tears.”

“I killed him; he was drunk and he pinned me down-“She said quietly looking out the window, she could see that day perfectly.

“Hello baby girl, where is your younger sister. I need to show her a something of large stature.” He said laughing hysterically. Alcohol escaping his breath as he laughed, Zira stood her ground and refused to look at the window that she closed a few seconds ago.

“You won’t find her, and even if you did I wouldn’t let you get near her.” Zira spat seeing her step fathers face twist into a look of anger. He took a sip of the beer that was in the green bottle before throwing it at her. Zira screamed as the bottle hit the headboard of her bed loudly, shattering all over her bed.

“Fine you little bitch, I guess I will have to just show you what I had in store for her. But since you are so disrespectful, I will teach you some manners!” He shouted swinging his right arm back, his knuckles colliding with her cheek forcing her head to the left. Zira bit her lip refusing to cry as he grabbed her throat and pinned her down to the bed.

“No- no” She whispered in between breaths kicking her legs frantically as he straddled her. He smirked and loosened his grip on her neck

“Call me daddy and I will make sure this is painless.” He laughed; she looked him dead in the eye and smiled.

“I will never call you that.” She laughed and pursed her lips together as a stream of saliva hit his face splattering everywhere. She shouldn’t have done that, he growled tightening his grip on her neck as he ripped her clothing off in one quick motion.

“You are going to regret that little girl, you are going to be daddy’s little slut until you tell me where Namine is.” He said pulling his jeans and boxers down, Zira coughed as she felt her lungs begin to burn, begging for oxygen. Josephino suddenly forced himself into her, causing Zira to cry out in pain as she felt her hymen break. She was never going to be pure again, Zira felt rage consumer her, as he pounded into her body thrust after thrust. She could feel her own blood slowly dripping down her legs. He leaned over her and licked her ear still holding his grip on her neck. Zira looked above her to see the shards of glass from his beer. She reached as high as she could as he quickened his pace. She reached again but failed. She felt tears beginning to well up in her eyes. She was going to become a sperm bank if she couldn’t get the glass. The sounds of his body smacking against her and the loud grunts from him echoed the room. She screamed out as she grabbed a large shard and stabbed it into his neck. Blood suddenly spilt onto her face and neck as he screamed in pain. She quickly grabbed another shard and kicked him off of her. Josephino grabbed the piece in his neck and pulled it out throwing it at her, Zira felt the sting of the shard hit her shoulder. She looked up and laughed as she ran at him, she kicked his knee cap hearing a sickening crunch as he bellowed in pain and crumpled on the floor. She shoved him down and straddled him shoving the shard deep into his esophagus as he gargled and choked on his blood. She smiled and stabbed the glass repeatedly into him. His blood spraying all over her skin as he laid their still, she couldn’t stop herself. She continued to stab hearing his skin opening beneath her, she cried and finally looked down to see his mangled corpse beneath her. She quickly got off of him and looked at her hands, crimson blood covered them as she saw a deep gouge in her right hand from the glass. She finally let out a breath and laughed hysterically, the tears falling freely as she saw herself in the mirror. She was no longer innocents she became evil in that moment, she was never going to be the same. She quickly grabbed some sweats and a baggy t-shirt and grabbed Josephino’s feet, she had to hide his body and get to Namine quick.

“You killed him, but why? How did you hide the body?”

“That’s not important, I just know all too well what rape is and if that’s what you felt in your dream, than I will find a way to make sure that doesn’t happen.” Zira stated firmly turning her attention at Namine. She gave a small smile and touched her shoulder as she walked out where Dante and Renegade walked out.

“Renegade?” She asked turning around the corner, looking around the corridor, her heels clicking against the dark cherry wood floors.

“Yes?” Renegade asked appearing behind Zira, Zira turned around and looked at Renegade and let out a breath.

“Are you a witch doctor?” She asked crossing her arms. Renegade raised her right eyebrow quizzically and chuckled, touching Zira’s cheek.

“If I said yes would you ask me for a favor?” She stated calmly letting her hand drop to her side.

“No, it is simply a question and then I can do it alone.” Zira said crossing her arms across her chest.

“Yes I am one, and you wish to gain something you have lost, yes?”

“Memories, I have always had issues with memory lapses. Is there a way to retrieve memories whether they are lost or stolen?”

“Zira, why do you think your memories are stolen?”

“I feel like something is missing, this whole has been with me since I was child, and I fear that if I continue to feel this empty I will always envy my sister. She is my only family left and I can’t afford to waste what time I have with trivial things like this.” Zira said looking at Renegades eyes she could see the contemplation in her onyx eyes and she finally let out a sigh.

“Come, I need you to go through a few things so I can view certain . . . aspects.” Renegade stated walking down the corridor and turning to the right to reveal a room covered in black; black walls, black furniture, black ceiling. The only contrast was the white carpet as bright as snow; Renegade stepped into the room and sat down in the middle of the room. Zira followed suit and sat straight as she waited for instructions.

“Zira I need you to tell me, when you met Dante did you feel a connection?”

“I felt like I have met him before, but I don’t know why or where from.”

“Good it’s a start.” She said sternly, she quickly moved forward and placed her forehead against Zira’s, she chanted something under her breath, there was a sharp pain suddenly that shot through her chest.

“Renegade, this-“

“Take a deep breath and you will be fine.” Zira followed her instructions and took a deep breath before something flashed in front of her. The dark figure that she saw back on the corner of the street stood in front of her the dark red eyes piercing through her green eyes. Zira gasped  and began to smell sulfur, the room suddenly became pitch black.

“What do you see??” Renegade asked as she suddenly felt her lungs burn from the scent of sulfur, she coughed violently as she quickly released her grip on Zira.

“I saw that same figure I saw when I almost got hit by the car. But no one else sees it, it’s hopeless.” Zira said holding her chest tightly, her heart beating rapidly. Why does that dark figure have such power over her?

“Nothing is ever hopeless Zira, you just need to find another way, whether it be a good or bad way.” A deep voice was heard from the back of the room. Zira turned around to see Dante leaning against the door frame.

The End

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