No, you Can't Leave MeMature

“Vera . . . XAVIERA! “ She heard loudly in her ear, breaking the silence that was once her peace. She let out an exasperated sigh and rubbed her temples in annoyance.

“What do you want. . . Tynan?” She spat out turning her head to see the pompous prince staring at her with a hint of anger, his foot propped himself on the wall as his scrawny arms crossed his chest.

“Is that anyway you should speak to your betrothed?” He said arrogantly a smirk twisting into form on his pale cracked lips. Vera let out a sarcastic laugh and walked toward him her heels clicking into the ground as she approached him, her soft slender fingers running up his arm and to his throat.

“I have no intention of marrying you, just remember Tynan-. . . “She whispered against his ear, her cool breath dancing along his skin.

“Your name may mean dark, but we both know who has the true darkness.” She said harshly her nails digging into his neck sharply before letting go. She let out a laugh and walked away from him, seeing that he was paralyzed with fear and left his pale skin even paler. She continued her trek down the corridors to see a rather dark and ominous figure staring at her from across the hall. She looked straight down the hall and carefully analyzed the figure. His stature was large roughly 6’3 and a muscular built silhouette. She saw the flash of one red eye and one blue stare at her, she felt her skin run cold and her confidence dissipate. She knew those stone cold eyes anywhere: father.

“Good evening my lord, is there a matter I may assist you with?” She asked covering the fear that was trembling in her core. When her father was around it was never good for her or her people.

“Xaviera, follow me, NOW.” Her father stated sternly before turning on his heel and disappearing into the darkness behind him.  She followed behind him with small strides, the deafening silence swirling in the air. He led her down the dark corridor to the small entryway that lead out to the Midnight courtyard. She loved the scenery there . . . however not with her father.

“Tell me Xaviera, why do you treat Tynan so maliciously?”

“Because he is weak, untrustworthy and is of no asset to our kingdom.” Xaviera said harshly watching her father come to a halt under the canopy of black roses. She felt her heart drop to the pit of her stomach as he turned around to face her. He smirked and reached his hand up to her pale cheek sliding his strong fingers down her skin to her neck, his multi colored eyes watching his fingers intensely.

“And who are you to say what is an asset to MY kingdom?!” He bellowed quickly wrapping his warm hands around her throat. She gasped and looked at her father with dark green eyes as she did not fight; she simply let out a quick breath and stated:

“It won’t be YOUR kingdom for long.” She managed to say in between her lack of oxygen. He laughed and threw her into the stone wall. Her back made contact loudly as shards of it crumbled under the force; she grabbed her neck and took deep breaths trying to subdue the anger boiling in her.

“What do you plan to do VERA, kill me?” He spat out as he watched her gather herself on the floor. She pushed herself up to her feet and stood confidently in front of him, but on the inside was screaming in fear. Why was she being defiant with him today, she didn’t know what possessed her to act out in such an uncivilized manner.

“If it comes to that father, than yes, yes I will kill you. And I won’t have hesitations.” She stated rudely, her father’s eyes flashed brightly as the courtyard was shrouded in darkness. She stood her ground and analyzed the room. She heard the light breeze blowing through the roses that littered the air with their scent. The calming sound of the water cascading over the travertine sculpture and finally a shrub rustle louder than the rest behind her. She quickly turned around and dropped to her feet she knew what he was planning, he trained her to well. She took a deep breath in and shut her eyes visualizing what she needed as she visualized it she felt something sharp bite into her leg; she grimaced and kicked her leg into the creature’s skull, hearing a whimper the chimera growling loudly, froth hanging around its mouth. Fuck it. She thought to herself as she got up and sprinted down the courtyard, she heard an ear piercing howl come from her right; she smiled knowing where her escape was. She turned sharply into the bushes and let out a soft hiss as she dropped to the ground, her skin began to slide into her new form, as she slithered across the dirt, her emerald scales blending in with the shrubs around her. She heard the howl once again, this time more ear piercing than her human form. She was almost there: salvation. She hit the stone cold coble stone and quickly changed back, her body cracking into its new form, her limbs returning to her original body. She ran seeing her white wolf howling into the moonlight, she knew she was in danger and was always there to lead her out of the darkness.

“Myra!” She whispered as her wolf ran toward her, Melina opened her arms ready to catch her when she heard a loud growl escape her mouth, Melina turned around to see an arrow zooming at her. She gasped ready to dodge when Myra jumped into her body.

“No” She whispered as an ear wrenching yelp sounded, Melina crumbled to her knees holding Myra against her body rocking back in forth.

“No you can’t leave me. . . Myra. . .” She whispered through tear filled eyes her hands shaking as she touched the arrow that was burrowed into her snow white fur. Myra licked her hand slowly looking up at her with her one blue and Green eyes, Melina smiled hugging her tightly before Myra gave one last breath before falling limp and still in her arms. Melina sat there holding her beloved animal staring at her lifeless corpse.

“See what happens when you try to let something good into your life? All good things DIE.” She heard her father say laughing hysterically at her as he walked into the courtyard. Melina stood up holding Myra tightly and turning on her heel.

“You are absolutely right . . . there is no point in keeping any type of light.” She said broken as she walked into the castle, she could finally let the darkness take over.

The End

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