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“Namine! Namine!” Zira screamed busting into Talia’s store, she pushed random things away as she searched frantically for her sister.

“Zira are you sure she’s even in here?” She heard Dante whisper as he touched her arm gently.

“TALIA! I KNOW MY SISTER IS HERE NOW WHERE THE FUCK IS SHE!” She screamed even louder seeing a pale light shine over a rickety old staircase in the back of the room. She sprinted over to it hearing Dante’s footsteps following close behind. She took deep breathes trying to calm her breathing down so she was silent but the pungent odor of oranges and blood overcame her. Screw being quiet.  She thought to herself as she sprinted up the stairs. There she saw her sister convulsing violently on the wood floor white froth foaming from her lips.

“NAMINE! OH GOD, WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!?” She screamed running to Namine’s side, Zira collapsed to her knees rolling her sister on her side holding her tightly.

“Don’t touch her Zira, she is in the midst of finding out who you truly are.” Talia said darkly walking over to her sister.

“Shut up you old hag, stay away from her!” Zira shouted a sudden burst of wind coming from behind her, Talia smirked and walked closer, her skirt brushing Namine’s ankles. Zira held Namine tightly as she tried to calm her down.

“Just let go Zira, why are you trying so hard to care about her. Simply let go child.” She said touching Namine’s flushed cheeks, her rosy cheeks were beginning to pale.

“Namine. . . ?” She whispered as her sister fell limp, her chest rising and falling quickly as if she was trying to fight something off.

“No, No” Namine mumbled stiffening and collapsing again. Zira closed her eyes and laid Namine down gently. She opened her eyes quickly, nothing but hunter green could be seen, no pupils, no iris just a pure and dark green that possessed her eyes.

“Tell me what you gave her.” Zira said calmly her voice lowering to the point of a baritone.

“I won’t tell you a damn thing girl, she has to come out of her trance on her own.” Talia said laughing as she spat at Zira her projectile saliva hitting Zira on the cheek. Zira smirked and raised her right hand, her hand beginning to glow and turn black, and her veins turning into what looked like vines. Zira started to laugh with Talia; wiping the spit off of her face with the back of her left hand.

“You think this is funny? I can make this a god damn comedy: bitch.” She said throwing her arm to the side sending Talia into the back of the room, her body hitting the wall with a loud thud as her body collapsed into the ground with a crack. Zira smirked and walked back to her sister holding her gently.

“Zira, what did you do?” Dante asked running to her aide, Zira brushed a strand of her little sister’s hair behind her ear as she began humming the lullaby their mother used to sing to them every night. Zira was feeling light headed and looked over at Dante.

“Dante. . . ?” She whispered before she fell back against the floor, her head making contact with a rusty nail, the sickening crunch and swish echoing.

“Zira! Damn it. . .  Namine I think that’s what she called you, wake up. Please.” Dante said looking over Namine seeing her phone was sticking out of her front pocket; he grabbed it quickly and called 9-1-1.

“Thank you for calling 9-1-1 what is your emergency?”

“Medical emergency, two women age 23 both sisters, one had an epileptic episode lasting a couple of minutes and the other has a lesion to the skull.  Send an ambulance immediately to 6099 Devils Lane Dr NE- Hello? Hello?” Dante asked as the phone went dead: Battery exhausted, please connect to charger.

“Come now boy your pathetic electronics do not work in the house of fortune tellers. Why are you even trying to help these two, do you even know them?”

“No I just met Zira but I care enough to get them both help.” He growled watching Talia get up and stumble to Zira she placed her barefoot onto her forehead.

“No, don’t you think you have done enough harm?”

“I don’t think I have done enough my so-“

“NO don’t you dare call me that, I am not your son, and you are NOT my mother that’s for damn sure.” He yelled running at her pressing her into the wall by her throat, his strong fingers wrapping around her thin tan neck, the color running quickly from her face. He smirked as he watched Talia gasp for air, her slender fingers prying into his face and arm. He laughed as she kicked and flailed about.

“Dante. . . please don’t do this. Don’t give in to your hate.” He heard his mother’s gentle caring voice escape from Talia’s mouth. He let go in a state of shock as he watched Talia gasp for air and cough violently at his feet. Followed by a new gasp from his right, Namine looked around deliriously until her eyes rested on Zira’s body blood seeping slowly from behind her head.

“Zira. . . Zira! Wake up Zira come on. . .” She whispered crawling over to her sister pulling her head up off of the nail the sickening squish being heard quietly as it released its grasp on her skull and raven black hair.  Namine looked around for anything to seal the wound but only found a handsome man standing above Talia’s body that crouched over coughing and gasping for air to reach her lungs. He sighed and walked away towards where the gasp came from.

“Here, we have to stop the bleeding, he said taking off his silky black and purple tie quickly wrapping it around Zira’s head. She looked like the karate kid with her makeshift bandage wrapped around her head tightly. The man picked her up effortlessly in his arms, his tone arms showing an outline through his blazer. The way he held her was caring, gentle and cautious, did he know her? Couldn’t be, Zira never had any real friends or a decent boyfriend for more than a year.

“Who are you, where are you taking my sister?”

“Home, I have a friend who can help her without having to spend a fortune on going to the hospital.”

“Namine, my child don’t let him take her, they will be unstoppable.”

“Shut up pathetic woman!” He shouted causing Namine to jump at his sudden outburst, she looked over at Talia and smirked an overwhelming feeling of darkness holding her body captive. Oh she was going to regret hurting Zira.

“No, Namine don’t give in, or else you are like her. You are meant to save people not hurt them, please-“ Talia begged stumbling on to her feet rubbing her neck. Namine shut her eyes breathing deeply.  What am I doing? I can’t hurt anyone not her, she unlocked a memory of mine, she is still of use to me. Namine thought backing up.

“I believe we are done here.” She said walking away and grabbing a book off of the floor, as she walked down the steps, the man carrying her sister was already walking out of the store.

“Wait! Who are you?” She shouted running after him, her legs felt like jello: weak and wobbly. He simply walked out of the store saying nothing but his name.


Dante walked out of the building the cool rush of the spring air hitting his lightly tanned skin sending chills down his arms. He looked down at Zira something about him was drawn to her, her beauty, her personality everything about her was perfect to him, even though he only spoke to her briefly at the Vidgen he felt like he knew her for years an eternity even.  They sat there and spoke about work and random topics and just laughed at each other in the little café as if they had all the time in the world. How could he do all that when he didn’t even know her? He heard her sister run up alongside of him as he walked down the street to a parking structure in the center of town. That’s what he loved about the city they lived in, in the center of the uptown hustle bustle of the conceited rich people strutting the sidewalks like they owned the earth, they had a parking garage that could hold at least 600 cars of various makes and models like a hidden car showroom. Dante walked under the garage into the darkness of the shade it created and walked to the far corner of the basement floor of the garage and took his keys out of his dress pant pocket effortlessly and without disturbing Zira, he clicked the unlock button twice and in the distance a dark black with metallic shine to it, was seen, its LED lights lighting up the structure like heaven’s gate. Upon walking closer Namine gasped at the car it was, a 2016 Dodge Challenger Hell Cat that was Zira’s dream car. If only she was conscious to see the ride she was about to enter.

“Are you sure we shouldn’t take her to the hospital?” Namine asked watching Dante open the door wide and placed Zira in the car carefully, her body rested softly against the black and red leather seats. He looked at her with a stare of endearment as he strapped the seatbelts across her body making sure she was strapped down safely. He slid his black blazer off and placed it under her head for support before closing the back door and getting in the driver’s side of the car.

“Get in” He said sternly at Namine, she hurriedly got in the car. He started the car and drove out of the garage with a quiet whisper as he slid his thumb over one of the many buttons on the steering wheel.

“Welcome back Dante how may I assist you?” A woman’s voice echoed in the car, it still sounded robotic but it amazed Namine none the less. She never heard a cars assistant sound so crisp and clear as if they were there in person.

“Call Renegade on mobile.” He said in a flat tone making sure there was no different octaves in his voice so that the car could pick who was the correct contact.

“Calling Renegade on Mobile.” The assistant stated followed by a series of rings. On the 4th ring someone picked up the phone.

“Hey Dante what’s up?”

“Renegade, took you long enough I need your help.”

“When do you not need my help?” The voice said clearly annoyed by the sigh on the other end of the line.

“Shut up Renegade, stop being sarcastic for two seconds and listen to me. I have a wounded woman in my car she took a nail to the back of the skull, I need you to work your magic and-“

“Really Dante another one of your girlfriends got hurt?”

“Renegade this is different-“

“That’s what you said last time, but bring her over and I will handle her.” She said hanging up on him; he rolled his eyes and drove his car hastily down the road.

The End

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