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“Namine, why are you spacing out?” Came Zira’s voice as she turned to look at her sister. “You can’t honestly be taking that fortune telling bullshit seriously are you?”

“I don’t know she seemed very adamant about what she was telling us. Why would a fortune teller make up such a dark past and future for us? You would think that if she wanted to be paid she would make up a future where it’s all rainbows and unicorns.”  Namine said walking faster to be on Zira’s left side, she looked at Zira with a questioning stare.

“Fortune tellers are nothing but scam artists Namine; they will say anything to make you believe in what their words are saying whether they are dark and mysterious or rainbows and unicorns.” She stated in a matter of fact tone, her black stilettos clicking into the cement with an echo as she glanced at her sister.

“But she was very convincing and she clearly said something to strike a chord with you, you sort of flew off the handle back there. Don’t you think we should at least look into this further before we chalk it up to fiction?”

“Namine I did not fly off the handle, she threatened my life, I in no way shape or form raised my voice at her, she deserved my retaliation-“

“But Zira after what you did in there you seemed to fit the description of Xaviera, her temperament, her darkness-“Namine said trailing off looking down at the sidewalk, she knew if she continued it would only aggravate her sister more. She let out a sigh and stroked the dolls hair twirling the black strands in her fingertips, why did Zira take these items, if she didn’t believe in the legend then why didn’t she just leave the items there with the fortune teller. Namine being lost in her thoughts walked blindly next to her sister unaware of her surroundings when she suddenly felt a strong force hit her from behind, making her stumble forward.

“Well look who it is, the great and perfect Leon!” Zira shouted sarcastically throwing her hands in the air still walking down the street.

“Hello to you to Zira.” Leon said briefly before placing his lips on Namine’s now bright red cheeks and intertwining his fingers with hers.

“How did you know it was me without turning around?” He asked, Zira stopped and turned around to look at his blue eyes.

“I don’t have to see your face I can smell you a mile away. What the hell do you do bathe yourself in cologne?” Zira said rolling her eyes, Leon and Zira didn’t like each other, but Namine was her best friend and sister so she merely tolerated his existence for her sake. Leon rolled his eyes at her and shot a glance that held a gaze of hatred in them. She smirked and took a slight bow to her sister and boyfriend.

“Well I can see I am not welcome here anymore so let me take my leave.” Zira said bluntly walking down the sidewalk her footsteps light and bouncy her emerald eyes looked straight ahead but her mind seem to think of the dagger that was in her purse, securely in the base under the pouch that she sewn into the seam.   Why did Talia’s legend affect me, I didn’t believe in reincarnation that was Namine’s thing. But what if it were true? Wouldn’t that mean I would have my “supposed” powers by now? Was it because I couldn’t remember. . . . No that couldn’t be it because Namine doesn’t have her powers or does she? No she would tell me. What am I DOING none of that shit is real, there is no princess sisters, now war between shadow and light and definitely no soul mate made for her in the near or distant future.

Namine gave Zira a wave goodbye as she watched her walk down the sidewalk, she always thought her sister walked like a model and would one day make it to be famous. Namine turned to Leon and grabbed his smooth and warm hand pulling him into the gravel pathway that lead to a park up the hill. Her flat black boots softly crunching beneath her feet as she strolled up the rather steep hill reaching the clearing at the top. The park always seemed to calm her down and helped clear her head after a stressful day of work. Once they reached the top she took a deep breath in took in the peaceful landscape. A variety of trees and shrubs encased the park, her little hidden oasis, she smiled softly and ran to a large oak tree. Leon laughed quietly and sat down in the shade of the tree he gently wrapped his hands around her wrists and pulled Namine down to his lap. He wrapped his arms around her and looked down at the little voodoo doll she held onto. He snatched it away from her and looked at it with disgust.

“What is this?”

“It’s a voodoo doll. Zira and I went to see a fortune teller,” she said snatching the doll back her voice lowering in irritation at Leon’s tone. She pressed her back into Leon’s broad chest holding the doll up at the sky its black hair contrasting against the stark blue sky.

“You went to a fortune teller? Are we going to live happily ever after with a house full of kids?” He asked jokingly.

“She told me to be careful around you.” Namine whispered. She put the doll down and turned slightly to Leon with a serious look on her face. She was torn between straight out asking him or just let what Talia said go. Zira was certain that what she said wasn’t true, but for some reason there was something in her telling her that maybe it wasn’t. The story of the two sisters was too dark to not have some truth behind it.

“Namine? Hey, Namine, you’re spacing out. What are you thinking about in that beautiful head of yours?” Leon said gently stroking her hair twirling strands around his finger as he gazed into her eyes as though trying to read it like an open book. Namine shook her head and smiled at him.

“Talia, the fortune teller, was telling us about these two sisters, they were half-sisters, one was of light and one was of shadow. They were separated because of their fathers and in the end war broke out between light and shadow.  Talia, said that the war still wages on because the fathers refuse to let their daughters die. She said that they are reincarnated and she thinks Zira and I are those sisters.”

“Man, what happened to those fortune tellers that use to say ‘you will find your true love when the moon is full on the night when Jupiter and Saturn are aligned.” Leon stated with his smile the same one that could always melt her heart.

“That’s why I think maybe there is something to what she told us.”

“From what you told me, I wouldn’t want to be these sisters, maybe it’s better to not look too much into this.”

“Do you think that if we were these sisters we would somehow get some memories to that time?”

“Namine, please don’t get so obsessed with this. That fortune teller was a con artist, she just wanted to scare you and made you lose your mind over this. Maybe she said those things so that you will go back to her to find out more for these sisters making you pay more.”

Namine looked at Leon “You sound like Zira.” She said softly. He scoffed and stood up squeezing her hand helping her up to her feet.

“Sorry, love, by I need to head back to work. I was on my lunch break when I saw you and Zira walking. Will you be okay by yourself? Should I call a taxi to take you home?”

“No, I’ll be fine. Walking is good for me and I’ll just catch the subway, it’s cheaper,” she said gaining her balance, she came to about his shoulder blades due to his 6’5 stature, he leaned forward and pressed his smooth lips against her head placing a gentle kiss before turning and heading back to work. His black wind swept hair blowing as he walked. Namine waved to him until he was out of sight. She looked down to see the voodoo doll lying on the bright green grass beneath her, she knelt and picked it up; she began feeling an overwhelming dizziness consume her. She sat back down on the grass trying to get her focus back but the white tunnel vision began to blind her, the scenery around her was no longer green it was now just  a sea of white.

“Melina, my child, that Kivuli may be related to you but you must forget about her. She will be the death of you, she cannot be trusted no one can be trusted.” A strong and imminent voice echoed in her head, a mere shadow of a figure standing in the distance.

“I am not Melina, who are you? What did you do to me?” Namine groaned, squinting her eyes as the light got brighter and the shadow grew in size.

“In due time Melina you will know who you are and will have to end this once and for all.” The voice said the shadow dissipating. Namine looked around being able to see, no longer crippled by that white light.  What was that? Did she imagine that? Wasn’t Melina the name of the sister in Talia’s story?  She had to go back, the legend was real and she wanted to find out more information, she had to. Namine stood up and brushed herself off. She looked down at her phone and saw 45 minutes had passed since Leon left, she held the doll tightly and began walking briskly back to the fortune teller: Talia.

The End

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