Chapter 7

Jumping wasn't the nicest sensation in the world. Craig and Abby had agreed that it felt like being shoved around in a large crowd, being stung be a hundred wasps and then getting whip-lash when the whole thing stopped.

Jumping always felt strange. Abby was one of five Soul Collecters who had learned to Jump easily. Most of the others either went along with one of those five, or went to the Gate, allowing the access to the human world. There was one Gate in each country. Problem was, the Soul Collecters who used to Gates had to walk, or hitch a ride, to find their 'prey'.

The three had Jumped into the lobby of a grand manor, where most of the Soul Collecters resided. The few Soul Collecters who had a day off looked round at the three, as Abby and Craig ascended the stairs.

The house had sixth floors. The first floor was the lobby and the kitchens. The second was dining halls, the third was a library. The fourth and fifth held the bedrooms of the residents. The final floor, the sixth, was where the records of deaths were kept, and where Soul Collecters would sign in and out of their missions. A few of the Soul Collecters spent all of their free time up there, making sure everything was up to date.

"I bet Mira's going to be assigned as your partner." Abby told Craig, who shrugged. He was thinking too hard. And when he thought too hard, he knew what would come next.

A firm slap from Abby to wake him up.


The End

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