Chapter 6

The two were busy bickering, when Mira awoke.

Opening her eyes, it took her a while for them to get accustomed to the darkness. She let her hands move; one to her side, the other up to her throat, and then her neck, both of which ached, and felt as if they were being pricked by a thousand red hot needles. Pulling herself into a sittin position, her muscles cramped and pulled in protest. In was then she began to take in her surroundings. She was sitting in a hole, six feet deep, at a guess. Sitting in a padded box, no, not a box, a coffin. Why was she in a coffin? She was in...a grave?

"Mira? You alright down there?" came a soft voice.

"One moment. I'm coming." called another, stronger voice. A figure dropped down, rather gracefully, by her feet. His coat fell like a waterfall, cloaking its master in darkness. A torch illuminated his face.

"Craig? What am I doing down here? I'm so cold..." Mira shivered, a little scared. Craig removed his long coat, wrapping around Mira's shoulders.

"Don't worry. We'll explain it all later. Hey, come on, don't start crying on me now. Shh, it's alright." He used to cuff of his sleeve to banish her frightened tears. Moving her arms for her, he pushed her thin arms into the baggy sleeves. They were too long for her, naturally, since it had been custom made to fit Craig.

Getting up, Craig pulled Mira to her feet. She leaned against him, one hand grabbing his shoulder in a vice-like grip, the other clutching at her chest.

"My chest hurts. It really hurts." Mira tried to tell him, although it sounded childish, even coming out in the pained whisper that it did. Craig pulled the girl's arms around his neck, before gripping onto the side of the grave, and beginning to climb out. 

 Once they had emmerged from the grave, the girl collapsed to her knees. Abby pulled her into a hug, hushing the crying child. Craig replaced the lid to the coffin, before filling in the grave. He occasionally glanced back at the two girls. He pitied Mira. He knew the exact pain she was going through.

Her heart would slow, her blood become de-oxygenated, and all of her other internal organs would become confused. Soon, she would be unable to feel minor pains, such as small cuts, and bruises. Her senses would sharpen, and soon her suddenly sluggish body would become faster, more agile than any human.

"Shall I carry her?" He asked, after finishing. Mira had fallen asleep, laying on Abby's lap.

"I think that would be best. Heh, I remember when Alexander came in carrying you." She giggled. Craig glowered at her, before picking Mira up. Abby discarded the shovels where she had found them, before she held onto Craig's arm tightly. "Ready to Jump?"


"Good good." The two walked forward three paced, and Jumped.

The End

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