Chapter 4

The funeral was held just a week after. Friends, family and foe alike cried for Mira. Craig and Abby watched as the dark wooded coffin was lowered into the groud. As the two of them dropped a pair of dark crimson roses onto the coffin below, the pair of them found themselves wondering if they should have told the poor girl.

After the grave was filled, Craig and Abby stayed behind, long after everyone had left. Abby left as it began to get dark. Craig sat down, leaning his head against the side of the gravestone. He ran his hand gently over the fresh soil.

On her return, Abby brought with her a pair of shovels, and hers and Craig's 'scythes'. Abby's scythe was a long sword, while Craig's was a Swiss army knife. A Soul Collecter's scythe is their most prized possession. It is what allows them to free a soul from a deceased body. When a new Soul Collecter is 'born', their soul is not removed. They are assigned a scythe, and more often than not, a partner. Although Craig and Abby worked together, they were not partners.

Now, as the grand clock on the church began to toll ten, the two began to dig. Mira was to become partner to one of the two. She would awake at midnight.

The End

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