Chapter 3

And that was when it started. The clock on Mira's life, ticking as ever, this time with two Soul Collecters watching over her. The three of them became close friends. They studied together, ate together, the pair even went over to Mira's house for dinner a few times. They met her family, laughed with her younger brother, fascinated over horror films. In Craig's opinion, it all rushed by too fast.

Two days before Mira's birthday, the three of them all stayed at Mira's house, drinking, eating, watching films. That night, as Craig had tears rolling down his cheeks from laughter, and Mira laid on the floor, unable to sit up, Abby found herself thinking. That rosy colour to Mira's face...would soon disappear. The warmth to her tears and skin would vanish. Her heart would beat, but not as it did then.

He was with her, the day it happened, was Craig. It was in the evening, when it was still light. The car had come out of no-where. Craig felt usually gentle hands shove him harshly, out of the road, stumbling to his knees, turning, just to see her body rolling over the bonnet, the roof and the back of the car, arms flailing like a ragdoll.

Cars screeched to a halt, drivers and passengers getting out, crowding around the girl. Craig pushed through, stifling a gentle sob.

"So this is how you die. Protecting someone who is already dead." He whispered, for only her to hear. He stood, with Mira's body in his arms. That night, he had carried her home, accompanied by a police officer. They had explained what had happened. The mother screamed. The father cried. And the little brother slept on, unknowing that his dear sister lay dead only downstairs.

The End

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