Chapter 2

Mira entered her classroom, and sat at her desk, taking out her equiptment for the first lesson, before putting her bag underneath her desk. Their teacher was late, as usual. Most of the other students were out of their seats, as usual. And Mira sat gazing out of the window, through her translucent reflection.

Her skin was as white as an iris, and seemed paler than porcelain against her pitch black hair. Her dark blue eyes payed no mind to her own reflection, as she watched her Media teacher sprint across the grounds like the madman he was. Two teens came into the room just before he did.

"Sorry I'm late everyone! Um...Oh yes! These two are Craig Smith and Abby Thomas. They will be attending here for six months. Now, I need someone to show them around?"

Nobody put their hand up.

"Mira Thorn!"  The girl jumped, facing her teacher. "You would do well to listen."

"I think you'll find I was listening to you sir. I just wasn't caring very much." Mira snapped. Abby giggled to herself, along with the rest of the class.

"Do you find something funny?" He asked then.

"I would find having a teacher with your sort of face amusing too, if I were them." Craig said, with a yawn.

"I'll show 'em round." Mira smiled. Craig and Abby smiled at each other, before pulling a couple of chair over to sit with Mira.

The End

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