Chapter Seven: Spectators
Seven Years later, but also at the same moment in the past

I stepped into the other world, John was there, on a building top, watching from afar behind magical camouflage as his apprentice was getting stomped on by Satan. 

"You're just standing there?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"You know full well I can't interfere." He commented, shrugging but keeping a close watch on what was happening. "The boy's failing miserably, as expected."

"Indeed..." I said, looking as the demon stomped on the kid, knocking him out." You know, I really didn't expect Satan to be there of all things."

"This world shows you what you bring to it. You face your worst fears but also your dreams come true, it's part of the whole ordeal. But you already know that, you passed the gauntlet after all."

"But it's a different thing to witness it from far away instead of by myself." I admitted. "What now?"

"I take care of it, you can't get involved. Go back to the college, I'll meet you there, Guru." He affirmed, using the formal word for our relationship.

I turned around and expanded my sense all around me, it wasn't hard to feel the beacon of the invisible college. It wasn't hard to feel anything, as it was like it was all a part of me... I stepped sideways into the volatile space that composed this world, disappearing from view...

The End

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