The otherworld's testMature

Chapter Six: The otherworld's test

The mist around me thickened, taking dark shapes. When John disappeared, rattling noises began filling the silence, barely audible. I pushed the fog away mentally like he had told me to and I saw a towering creature walking closer toward me, the sound of it's steps echoing around the ghostly city.

I could just feel the dark intent of the creature as I came closer, walking purposefully and mechanically. I didn't hesitate and ran in the opposite direction. I had no idea what it was, but I didn't really want to find out either...

I started running, the mist seemed to remain a certain distance from me, like I had a bubble around me, about six meters wide. As I ran, I could hear the voice whispers to me;

If you had stayed home, none of this would have ever happened. It's all your fault...

It keep repeating similar words, I tried to ignored it. To repress the voice, it was all in my head after all. But it was like a tiny devil on my shoulder, or was it the angel? 

I ran inside of an alley hoping to elude the thing but when I stepped in, I noticed that it was right there. I turned around to run again but the entrance of the alley shut down, the two building merging as one, becoming another, one that was or maybe that would be, or could have been. 

I turned around facing the silhouette again and it stepped closer, out of the mist and becoming more than just a shadow. I beheld it's true shape and I wasn't sure whether crying, screaming or just freezing was the appropriate reaction. 

Like it was strait out of pop-culture, a red skinned demon, with cloven feet and horns was standing in front of me, a fork in one of it hand. It gave a twisted sadistic grin and moved closer a few steps forward. I thought about running, but my body was frozen in fear. All I could remember were all those talks about the devil my parents had hammered into my skull since I was a kid.

It slowly raised it's pitchfork and then slammed it into my chest, so hard I hit the wall behind, which broke into tiny shards of flat glass like material, leaving a gaping hole that was soon fixed, replacing it with an alley entrance barred with a chain link fence.

The weapon felt both cold as ice yet the place where it had pierced me, both shoulder and in the middle of the chest burned hotter than lava. I screamed and started weeping, incapable to breathe, I still tried to beg for mercy. 

The demon hit ground with his fork and I crashed into it. He then raised one of it's hoofed foot and smashed it down on my torso. The pain sent me into a state of semi-consciousness and I couldn't tell anything other than I was getting dragged, probably to hell to burn forever...

The End

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