In the shadowsMature

Chapter Five: In the Shadow

I looked around the surrounding landscape. Although it was similar to where I was a second before, it was also very different, there was no sun or any light source I could see and a thick eerie fog clouded the area. Not to far from me, I could see a large pool of blood at an intersection.

"What the hell?" I said, walking closer and touching the red liquid. It was still fresh.

"Someone must have died here recently. It's left a mark." John commented like it was nothing.

"Where the hell are we?" I asked, trying to piece things together. "We're not in London are we?"

"Bingo!" He said, cheerfully. "I was wondering how long it would take you to figure that out. Faster than I expected." He seemed pleased by that fact, which only irked me, he was treating this like it was a game while I was on the verge of panicking. 

"We aren't in London anymore, kid. Neither are we on earth. Hear me, there isn't one city, but multiple ones. There's the London that was, the London that is, the London that will be, the London that could have been, this place here is the intersection between worlds; Luan-Dun the sunless shadow of the city, the one that exist in the dream and nightmare of humanity. It's here that we've hidden all the myths and secrets of our psyche, away from the days of our normal lives. There is no reality here, because in this world even false things are true. Look at Canary Wharf, ignore the fog, it only cloud your vision because you let it do so."

I looked at where it should have been but the fog obscured the view. He leaned down at my hear and whispered; "Just keep this in mind, the fog doesn't obscure your line of sight, keep it in mind, be certain of the fact."

I blinked and tried to follow the instructions, mentally repeating that I could see beyond the fog several times. I felt surprise when the fog because transparent, I knew it was there, but I could see through it. 

I saw Canary Wharf but also what hung over it; There was a giant statue of a crouching bearded man that stood high above the city, long colossal chains holding him there, binding him to the city.

"Behold, Urizen! The king in chains, he who binds us with laws and pure reason. Zoas of Order."

"Urizen... Isn't that from William Blake?" I asked, hesitantly. 

"More or less correct, the representation of Order has existed since the beginning of times, but Blake gave it form and a name. We now know it as Urizen."

"So is that god?"

"In a way, yes. But gods aren't persons, they are ideas, principles and archetypes. They are much older than we are, they'll exist long after we're gone. One day, when we'll be nothing but dust and our civilization nothing but rubles, those who come after us will give them new names, new images but they'll be the same gods we talk to, because they exist outside of time and space, a long time ago when our universe was born, they were formed from the shards of the One and when our time is up, everything will be absorbed again and the One will be reborn only to be split asunder again to birth the next universe. That's the nature of things, Nothing ever ends, when we die, it'll only be a new beginning."

"Alright, alright..." I said, trying to absorb the information and process it. "How did we get here, did I die? You threw me in the blood Thames!'

"You're still alive, biologically that is. Spiritually, you're experiencing death, that is where everything begins, with the death of something else, right now I'm talking about your ego, that of 'Thomas'.

As for how we got here, it's quite simple, I forced you through the reflection, mirrors and all form of reflections are gateways to this world, we aren't in our world but it's reflection across the Akasha, the ether, whatever you want to call it. Certain things can be used as gateways, you only have to know how."

"So how do we get out of here, we just step back through the river or any mirror?" I asked, looking around, feeling things creeping closer and watching us.

"Oh, it's really not that simple, I can go through easily, bring people with me too. But it won't be that easy for you."

"It won't be easy for me?" I mumbled, analyzing the words.

"I'll see you when you get home." He proclaimed with an asshole grin on his face. "Try to make some friends! Adios." He said those words and he vanished in thin air... leaving me stranded in here...

The End

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