Magic and CitiesMature

Chapter Four: Cities
Three days later

I saw the man again three days after the incident at the jewelry store. He crept up from behind and he put a hand on my shoulder. I jumped and turned around.

"You again, are you still going to be going cuckoo on me? Shit, do you even have a name?" I asked, getting up and sitting on some guy's car. 

"I'm called John Kalki." He stated neutrally. "Tell me, why does the prospect of magic seems so crazy to you? Weren't you raised in a Christian household?"

"I never believed a word of the shite my mam fed me. Especially since I've always liked fellas.  You want me to believe you, then show me magic." I said adamantly, knowing he couldn't. Psychics, preachers and all con men always relied on deception or 

"I don't have to show you magic, I already did. What you need to be shown is how to open your eyes, to see the truth."

"You're saying the same shite my church's preacher was. There is no truth beyond, if there was, don't you think we'd have known by now?"

"Only if there weren't people who wanted to keep people in the dark. What do you think the point of religion and government are, to help and enlighten people? No, it's to control people, keep them shackled and cooperative. It's been like that since the beginning of our civilization. 

If you really want to see magic, you just have to look around yourself, with open eyes. Nature worshipers are wrong about the modern world, cities aren't evil, in reality they flow with magic, they have a life of their own.

Look at the architecture of any city and you'll find things that were used to channel or repel energy, the pyramid on top of The one Canada square, the slanted roof of pagodas or the intricate design of cathedrals. Whether these shapes have actual powers in of themselves or if it's because we associate them powers don't change the fact that they hold some, they help us tap the mystical dragon path that runs through the world." He claimed, grabbing my hand and then my shoulder so I could turn around and look at the river.

"Look in the water. Tell me, what do you see?"

"Just the reflection of the city." I said, shrugging. 

He pushed me down on the shoulders and onto my knees and held my neck forcing me to stare at the water. "Look again, this time for real." He ordered me, barely above a whisper. I stared at the water for a moment and lost my gaze in the water, my eyes going unfocused.

After a moment, I felt like things were moving, rearranging themselves. Every time I tried spot the change and looked more closely things went back to normal, but in the corner of my vision, things shifted and became new things...

"What do you see?"

"I dunno... It must just be my eyes messing with me." I muttered.

He stayed silent for a moment and I kept looking at the reflection, seeing shapes getting more defined, Was there a gargoyle on top of that building? Nope. It was just the reflection.

"Anyway, it's just a reflection, it's nothing real." I said, shrugging and trying to get back up.

"Or is it?" He said, I wanted to turn around and question him but He kicked me into the water. I tried to swim, which wasn't easy wearing a bulky trenchcoat and jeans. I started sinking and losing my breath when he grabbed my hand and pulled me out.

"What the hell was that for?" I asked once my feet were back on the ground, coughing water out. "Wait... When did it get nighttime?" 

I took a look around and noticed that it was dark and a thick fog had settled. "What the hell, it was two in the afternoon a minute ago? Where did the fog come from?"

"Look in the water." He just replied, pointing at the river off handed. I did and saw the sun clearly reflected by the water. I looked around, but it was no where in sight.

"Ok... I must be fucking tripping... I must be dreaming or feverish..."

John came closer to me and flicked a finger right in the middle of my forehead. "You're awake, probably for the first time in your life."

The End

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