Chapter Three: Trouble
Two Months later

Happy fucking birthday to me! Sweet sixteen they say. I'm in the gutters and I dying; hungry, sick and freezing. 

"You look like shit Tom." Jane ask, as she sits down next to me. "Why don't you go back home? To Liam." She then ask.

"Same reason you don't go back to Liverpool." I say getting up and starting to walk away, counting the change in my pocket; A few pence short of two pounds. I walked for a while until I stopped in front of a jewelry store. It was closed for the evening. 

You shouldn't do it...

I heard the voice whispers to me as I crouched and grabbed a rock. I clenched it in my hand and tossed it at the window, which broke into pieces. "Just what I need... Nothing more..." I whispered myself as I moved closer. I was about to enter by the shattered window when someone yelled at me to stop. 

You should have known it would happen.

I didn't stick around, I tried to run away from the cop but I knew I wouldn't last long in that state. I ran into the first alley I could see and someone grabbed me and covered my mouth. 

"Unless you want to go to jail, don't say a word." The man said, his voice and accent familiar. He let me go and pushed me behind just as the cop entered the alley.

"Where did he go?" He asked. "You, did you see a boy run over here?"

The man shook his head. "I would've seen him, beside this is a dead end, he couldn't have gotten away from here, right?"

The policeman swore under his breath and declared. "He must have gotten away..." Before walking away from us.

"He... He was looking right at me..." I muttered, stunned. I looked at the guy and finally recognized him. "It's you! What are you doing here, are you stalking me? What did you do?"

"I've been watching you boy. Because I need your help... There's a war going on and we're losing badly. That's why I've been looking for people like you, people who can join our side and maybe make a difference."

"Look mate, I've got no clue what you're rambling about." I glanced out of the alley and noticed the cop wasn't there anymore. I was about to leave when he said;

"Don't you want to know how I did that trick with the cops earlier?" I stopped dead in my track and he continued. "It was magic."

"You're fucking nuts, you know."

"What if I can prove it to you." He offered, a cocky grin on his mouth.

"Alright, prove it. then."

He walked out of the alley and some guy walked by. He approached him and grabbed the guy's arm. "Excuse me sir, do you have money for a desperate man? I'll be honest I'm a drug addict and I just need a fix." The guy blinked before taking his wallet out.

The trenchcoated weirdo came back toward me and handed me a ten. "Here, why don't you  get something warm to eat, make yourself lively."

"You told me you'd show me magic, you just got lucky with that guy." I answered, taking the money regardless.

"What is magic, beyond amazing luck? Hey look, it stopped raining... I did that too."

"You're fucking daft mate."

The End

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