Prologue: The HuntMature

This is the story of Murmur a.k.a. Thomas O'Neil from Dark Angels and Demons

Prologue: The Hunt

The techno music of the club filled the air, next to me, John stood next to me, leaning over the glass railing of the second floor's balcony of Club Caprice. 

"Why are we here Kalki?" I asked, using his code name. "I don't see what lesson you have to teach me withing a club."

"We've talked much about the powers and duties of sorcerers, but you've yet to see any of the later. Look down, into the crowd. There are several vampires searching for lunch, do you see them?"

I looked down at the dance floor and opened the Ajna Lotus as he had taught me to in the preceding weeks. I scanned the crowd, my senses assaulted by a colossal amount of different energy trails and lingering feelings floating in the air.

"There's too much people for me to see clearly, Guru." I answered, making him grin mockingly.

"Why don't you use your natural eyes?, Look!" He said, pointing toward a man near the bar. "Just look at his clothes, his hair, the way he acts and talk. When you live for decades, things like culture and fashion are things you lose track off."

I nodded, inspecting the pale skinned man, who was dressed like he was strait out of the nineties. "You've got a point. But why are we after vampires, I thought you said they didn't kill humans."

"Don't usually but three women have already disappeared in the area. My readings have told me a vampire is behind it. This one fits the bill, can you feel it's predatory instinct, his hunger?"

"I briefly did when I scanned the crowd." I replied after taking a moment to remember what I felt. We continued watching the man as he spoke with a girl and they eventually started moving toward the entrance and we followed, saying a good distance behind. 

They eventually stopped in an alley and the two started kissing, the girl giggling and chatting with him. In the darkness I couldn't see clearly, but in one rapid movement he bent her neck sideways plunging toward it and sinking his fangs in there. The woman moaned in surprise and pleasure, taken by the toxin of the vamp's saliva.

Next to me, John handed me a sword, an indian Khanda from underneath his trench coat. "YOu want me to kill it, why?"

"Sorcerers aren't like witches who grovel before old gods or Wizards who keep to their labs and libraries, we are warriors who live and breathe magic. One day, you will face the trials and meet death like the rest of us, but tonight you must bear her mantle."

In his hand he held prayer beads and muttered a prayer, calling upon Kali's powers, his eyes rolled to the back of his head, showing nothing but white. "Om Hrim Shreem Klim Adya Kalika Param Eshwari Swaha"

When he spoke the last syllable of the mantra, I felt a new power take root withing me, starting at the base of the spine and radiating forward. "I can do this..." I muttered, slowly advancing toward the woman who was slowly being drained of blood.

I kicked an empty can onto the nearby wall and it caught it's attention. Seeing me sword in hand, it snarled at me and brutally tossed the woman onto the ground. "Who are you?" He asked, his voice inhuman and raspy.

"Five fiends have been in poor Tom at once; of lust, as Obidicut; Hobbididance, prince of dumbness; Mahu, of stealing; Modo, of murder; and Flibbertigibbet, of mopping and mowing; who since possesses chambermaids and waiting-women." I announced, my eyes unfocused, letting the spirit ride me into battle.

"He who walks before you is the one who vanquished them. 'Come and see!' before you is a pale horse! Its rider named Death, and Hades is following close behind him."

"What nonsense are you babbling about, Hunter?" He said, taking a fighting stance before lunging forward like a panther. I leaped backward dodging it's attack without even thinking about it before kicking it strait upside the head with my steel caps. I walked up to him and raised my blade before slicing down, taking it's head off with one large blow.

When I did, I feel onto my knee, the spirit of war leaving my body and leaving me in a rapidly growing pool of blood.

"You did it." John noted. "Look, the tainted blood of the vampire, flowing with ichor. Drink it and you can take it's power, you no longer will need to call upon the spirit."

"But if I do, I will bind myself to it, is that not against what we stand for, the divinely granted freedom?" I replied, frowning.

He smiled and laughed heartily. "It seems you've learned well, Thomas. I feel it'll be time for you to be initiated very soon. Come, let's get out of here."

The End

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