Chapter 2.1Mature

Caught in the sweet embrace of the Endorphin, Austin slept like a baby, not even stirred up from his slumber by the raging wails of the thunderstorm outside. When he finally woke up, it was well into the afternoon and the killing heat had come back. Getting up, he lazily stretched his heavy limbs around for a while. 

"And another day of school missed." He muttered to himself. Changing clothes and arranging the wild bush of light brown that dragged dangerously close to a dark blond that he called his hair.

He took a few steps and grabbed the bottle of pills from his desk, the anticonvulsant medication hadn't really done much to help him, nothing could stop the visions and accompanying seizure, but he had gotten the habit of taking them religiously.

Lastly, he pulled on a pair of cargo and a loose fitting tee and declared himself ready. He left his room and headed down in the common room. Behind the reception counter, Mr. Ming was sitting there, tending to his record books. Austin walked closer. 

"Are you feeling better, Mr. Carter?" He asked. "You had us all worried."

"Yeah, it's nothing, happens once in a while." Austin displayed a reassuring smile. "I wanted to thank that Serah girl for helping me. Have you seen her?"

The owner flashed him a confused look. "I do not know any girl named like that."

"Well, maybe she was someone's friend."

"There was nobody here but residents last night. Perhaps you should see a doctor Mr. Carter." Mr. Ming's tone sounded genuinely worried.

"Maybe I'm just misremembering it." Austin muttered. "I'll be alright."

Under the concerned gaze of the Owner, he made his way into the kitchen, the old bamboo floor creaking under his weight. As soon as he stepped in, the matronly lady shot him a glance and came forward, forcing him to sit at the large table that took a good chunk of the room.

"Sit." She ordered more than she suggested. "You made us worried, Austin." Unlike her husband that remained formal with his clients, his wife had taken to becoming a second mother to the residents, most of them students from abroad attending the local college. 

"I'm sorry for causing you distress, even with the meds, it happens once in a while." He explained, omitting to mention the prophetic visions that caused the seizures. 

"Well, it's good we found you. You could have been severely hurt." She said, busying herself around the fridge. 

Who's we? Austin asked himself mentally. 

The image of the Semitic girl remained in his mind, clear as day, the smiling face framed with long silken black hair. He remembered her touch, her voice and her eyes like she'd been someone he'd known forever. He was pulled out from his reflection when the Elderly woman deposed a bowl and a plate in front of him, going back to fetch a glass of soy milk to go with it.

"Thank you, Ms. Ming."  He said with a smile. He reluctantly dove into the congee, using the accompanying youtiao as a spoon. He found it sweetened up as he liked. As he ate, he tried to figure out what to do. Thomas had blew him off but he was still central to what was going to happen. 

"If only I knew what was brewing on the horizon..." He  muttered to himself, not high enough so that the owner's wife could hear it.

He mentally went over the detail of his last vision and remembered the Atleantean foundation building. It was important, somehow. It really was his only lead. He finished eating quickly and thanked the lady in charge, going back to his room. He didn't need to search through the bin for long to find the letter he'd received. 

"Can't have been a coincidence." He said to himself. 

He sat down at his desk and booted up his laptop. The Seminar was in six days, that'd leave him some time to dig up some more information on the group...


The End

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