“Do you mind if I just take you because it will be quicker?” Mr Swarley asked.

“I can fly,” Sabrina replied nervously. She was scared of heights but knew that flying would be quicker than walking.

Sabrina got dressed, grabbed the book and they flew out of the window. They flew over the river that flowed round the edge of Talmar. Sabrina could see another cluster of houses beyond the left hill.

“This is where the sorcerers live. I’m just calling the others,” Mr Swarley told Sabrina.

 He gave a soft whistle that sounded like bird song. Sabrina wondered how they would possibly here that. However, about ten minutes later the five sorcerers appeared. They were wearing their night clothes which was either black skirt or trousers and a purple top with purple shoes.

“How did they here that?” Sabrina asked.

“Magic,” Mr Swarley answered.

 Sabrina looked down and realised that Mr Swarley had changed her clothes to match the others. Mr Swarley and Sabrina landed and went over to join the others.

“More practise?” Willard asked yawning.

“At this time?” Nadetta scowled.

“We have to leave Talmar,” Mr Swarley answered them.

 All of them looked surprised.

“Why?” asked Cassidy

“We have got the book and Mingo already knows that it is gone.”

“The sorcerers book?” Yavin asked stunned.

 “Wow can I read it?” Farold asked.

“Later, we need to get to get to an old friend of mine,” Mr Swarley answered starting to rise in the air.

 Everyone followed. They thought they hadn’t been noticed but Argon had seen them go. The only one he was interested in was Sabrina. Thank-fully Mr Swarley had the book.

 Up in the air Sabrina felt herself slowing down until she was far behind the others. She looked down and saw Argon starting to fly towards her. Sabrina let out a silent gasp and tried to say the counter charm but it was too late. Argon grabbed her around the waist.

“Don’t try anything because you can’t get away,” he said in a voice full of anger and hate.

They flew towards the castle and to the room where Mingo was waiting. It was the same room that they had been in before.

“Well done Argon,” said Mingo.

“The others have flown away,” Argon answered.

“You have got the one I wanted,” Mingo said smiling at Argon.

“I don’t think she’s got the book though,” Argon answered nervously.

“No matter I will get it back soon,” Mingo replied turning to Sabrina.

 Sabrina wondered what was going to happen now. There was something about that book that was special and she would never help Mingo get it back.

“Well now Sabrina it seems like you are a very powerful witch, is that right?” Mingo asked as Argon left the room.

 Sabrina nodded but didn’t say anything.

“You and me together could be a very powerful team and we could make everything right in Talmar,” Mingo said in a gentle voice.

  So that’s what Mingo wanted Sabrina thought. I wonder what he thinks is wrong in Talmar.

“I didn’t know there was anything wrong in Talmar,” Sabrina answered.

“There isn’t much wrong,” Mingo agreed. “The one thing I miss though is the animals.”

“There are animals in Talmar,” Sabrina answered confused.

“It is not how it used to be though. In the past there used to be talking animals and animals that people now say are mythical creatures,” he replied sadly.

“I didn’t know animals could talk,” Sabrina said in a surprised voice.

“The one’s that are left in Talmar can speak but they either choose not to or a spell has been cast to make them not be able to speak.”

   Sabrina thought about this. Would it be a bad idea to help Mingo? Something told her that it would be.

“I can’t help you with that,” Sabrina said.

“You will do as I say,” Mingo said in a dangerous voice.

“What if I don’t?” Sabrina bravely asked.

“Lets just say you don’t have a choice,” Mingo replied and clapped his hands.

 At once a guard came through the door.

“Take Sabrina down to the dungeon and lock her up,” Mingo ordered.

 The guard dragged Sabrina out of the room and down the corridor. Sabrina tried to blast him off her with a spell but the guard simply did his own spell to make sure she couldn’t escape. They went down to the ground floor and then to the dungeon’s. The dungeon’s were cold. It was basically small rooms with bars stopping people getting out.

Sabrina was pushed into the nearest ‘cage’ as she called it. The guard sniggered and left. Sabrina thought she would just give up. There was obviously no way she could get out of the castle but there was no way she was going to help Mingo.

 Mingo went up to the guards who were waiting in the meeting room for the next set of instructions. The meeting room was fairly large. There was a huge black table in the centre. Pictures hung on the walls of strange looking places apart from the right wall that had windows on. Candles hung in brackets from the ceiling. A Fire was crackling merrily in the fireplace. Argon wasn’t present.

 “We have got Sabrina but the other five sorcerers have escaped and we believe that someone else was with them,” Mingo said to the tired looking guards.

“Do you know where they were heading?” one of the guards asked.

“No, but there is no way we can find them tonight in this unnatural darkness so you may go home,” Mingo told them.

 It was true an unnatural darkness had come on Talmar. It was night time however the moon wasn’t shining and neither were the stars.

 They didn’t know it was the work of the sorcerer that lived in the forest to protect the ones who were escaping with the book. If he had realised earlier then Argon couldn’t have got Sabrina which is who Darlo really wanted to protect. When he had seen Argon taking Sabrina he called Flurry. Flurry was a dear. Even though she refused to speak to Darlo they still got on very well and any job that Darlo needed help with Flurry would do her best to help him.

 Darlo heard the sound of Flurry’s paws in the soft grass and couldn’t help but smile. He had written a note to Paul Swarley who was with the other sorcerers.

“Can you find the others please and give this note to Paul?” Darlo asked Flurry.

 Flurry nodded. Darlo attached the note on her ribbon that was tied round her neck.

“I think they were heading north,” Darlo whispered as though someone else could here but no one else was near

 Flurry started to run north just as a strong wind started to blow.

The End

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