Magic by night

chapter 3- magic by night

 Sabrina had gone to bed early that night because she had planned to go into the forest and practise the new spells in the forest at around midnight. She had written the spells down because something told her that it would be bad for someone else to see the book. She pulled on a small pink jacket over her t-shirt and jeans and quietly slipped out of the house.

 The streets were empty. It was a clear night and hundreds of stars could be seen in the sky and the moon was shining bright. When Sabrina reached the forest she couldn’t help but glance round. All was silent expect for when an owl hooted in the nearby tree.

 Sabrina wanted first to try the spell that drew the animals round her.

“Ani,” she muttered.

 Soon rabbits, dears and birds and owls were coming to Sabrina. There were no other animals in the forest because long ago they had gone into a deep enchanted sleep. The rabbits looked at Sabrina as though to say you know what to do.

“What’s going on?” Sabrina asked the animals.

 They looked as though they wanted to tell her but they had promised many years ago not to speak to anyone even though they could.

 Deeper in the forest the sorcerers weren’t getting much done.

“I’m sure I heard someone else perform sorcerers magic,” Cassidy argued.

“There’s no one else here. Remember they are all to scared to come in the forest,” Willard told her.

“I agree with Cassidy I think I felt our magic,” Nadetta interrupted.

 Yavin and Farold were keeping out of the argument. They knew Cassidy was right. There was a new sorcerer in the forest who was more powerful than all of them.

“Fine we will go and look,” Willard retorted answering something that Nadetta had just said.

 The most powerful sorcerer out of all of them was Yavin and he said he would lead the way. When they got near the edge of the forest they saw Sabrina trying to make a new potion to make the animals talk to her.

“Isn’t she the army commanders daughter?” whispered Yavin.

“She’s nothing like him though,” Willard said and tried to go up to Sabrina but Yavin and Farold stopped him.

“You have idea powerful she is,” said Farold.

 Sabrina was into her potion making so much that she didn’t realise the other sorcerers were watching her until a rabbit tapped her knee with a paw. She looked up, immediately realised they were sorcerers from the power coming off them and was frightened.

“I’m sorry I didn’t know you were here,” Sabrina apologised packing her cauldron away.

“Are you a sorcerer?” Cassidy asked.

“No,” Sabrina replied.

 Cassidy was impressed. It was extremely hard to perform those spells if you weren’t a sorcerer. Just then the sorcerers teacher Mr Swarley came up to them. He was irritated when he saw the practice clearing empty.

“Why aren’t you in the practise clearing?” Mr Swarley asked in an irritated voice.

“There’s another sorcerer here so we came to check them out,” Willard answered.

“Another sorcerer?” Mr Swarley asked sounding interested.

 He looked at Sabrina and could feel her power from where he stood. A smile crossed his face.

“What are you smiling about?” Yavin asked.

Mr Swarley ignored Yavin.

“Would you like to join us and become a proper sorcerer?” he asked Sabrina.

“Why do we need another sorcerer?” asked Nadetta.

“Six is a powerfully magical number. Well in sorcery anyway.”

“Why?” asked Cassidy interested.

“It is because there are six lands,” Mr Swarley answered.

“Six lands?” asked Willard.

“Will you join us?” Mr Swarley asked.

 Sabrina nodded shyly. She was interested to know what was going on. What were the six lands?

“We all should be going now before we are caught. Sabrina come here again tomorrow at midnight,” Mr Swarley said.

“Ok,” Sabrina said in a shy voice.

 Sabrina found it hard to get to sleep that night because all she could think about was that at last she was a sorcerer. Also she was trying to figure out what was going on. The only thing she knew for certain was that something wasn’t right.

 In the Talmar’s castle something was happening. It was three in the morning and generally everyone in the castle was asleep. The only thing’s that ever moved at night were the ants and the birds and generally the only sounds was gentle snoring, the hoot of an owl or the rustle of leaves as gentle wind blew through the trees. Anything that needed sorting out often waited till the sun rose above the hills and the whole castle was bathed in an orangey red glow.

However, tonight no one slept. Mingo who was leader of the manopods strode down to the king’s chambers. He was wearing a black jacket which was the same style as the army’s jackets, black trousers and black shoes. He had short, straight black hair, black eyes and skin so white that looked as though it had never seen sunlight. It was true that Mingo preferred to practise magic in the night in the hope that his skin would stay white.

 He often looked menacing and tonight he looked furious. As he walked down the corridor he made the candles go out. Why on earth do you need candles burning in the middle of summer? Mingo thought to himself. The carpet was patterned with planets and constellations because Argon believed that it increased the magic strength of anyone who walked on it. Argon always believed superstition. The windows on the left wall looked out over the forest. Tonight it was a full moon and it shone brightly illuminating the trees. Mingo reached the door and instead of just knocking he hammered.

“Come in,” said Argon sounding surprised.

Mingo strode in the room. The room had bare stone walls the seemed to flicker from the candles which burned low. There was another space rug on the floor and a four poster bed which Argon had just vacated. There was a small wood wardrobe on placed against the right hand wall.

“Hello Mingo what brings you here?” Argon asked sounding scared.

“What were you supposed to be keeping safe for me?” Mingo replied in a dangerous voice.

“Your book is in the dungeons locked up,” Argon replied immediately.

 “I have just been there and the guard is unconscious and the book is gone,” Mingo almost yelled.

 Argon started to shake slightly. This wasn’t a good time for the sorcerer book to go missing.

“You had better have an explanation for this,” Mingo screamed.

 His voice echoed round the castle and by now everyone was awake. Also if you weren’t already asleep in the village then you wouldn’t be able to at the moment.

Argon got his outfit on and walked over to the door.

“Where do you think your going?” Mingo demanded.

“I will alert the other guards to what has happened and we will start the search for the book tonight,” Argon replied.

“Good,” Mingo answered. “I don’t want you to kill the person who has it understood?”

“Yes,” Argon replied.

“Off you go then,” Mingo answered.

 Sabrina was wide awake by now. Mingo’s voice sounded awful. Sabrina had a very good idea what book Mingo wanted and she was right. It was the book she had brought at the market.

 Mr Swarley also knew it was Sabrina they wanted to locate and he didn’t want them to get to her. He pulled on his clothes and went out. He would get Sabrina before going to get the other sorcerers. Once he was sure no one could see him he flew into the air. He knew which house Sabrina lived in and flew to her window.

 Sabrina looked startled when she saw him and immediately pulled the window open.

“Hello,” she whispered.

“You’re going to have to come with me it won’t take them long to find you,” he said urgently.





The End

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