Chapter 2- shadows


Almost fifteen years had passed. Sabrina was only fourteen but she was already a very powerful witch. Her only ambition was to become a sorcerer and work for the king.

 The 11th august was a beautiful day in Talmar. The sun was shining bright in the sky, the colour of the sky was a periwinkle blue and there wasn’t a cloud to be seen in sight. Nothing had changed in Talmar except the destruction of the last battle couldn’t be seen anymore. Heraldo was still the army commander and Nina still worked as a nurse in the hospital. It seemed that the spell they had performed to keep the other army out was successful because there had been no more attacks since then. Today Sabrina and her friend Clover were in the forest that was just outside the boarders of Talmar. No one ever went in the forest apart from Sabrina and Clover because most people were scared of wolf attacks. There had been a few animal attacks in the forest but there were no sign’s that it had been a wolf attack.

“Another stir should do it,” Sabrina announced.

 The potion she was making was a bright purple with light blue smoke coming off it.

“How can you make that potion already?” Clover asked amazed.

  Clover was always amazed with her friend. She could perform spells and make potions that many people couldn’t do no matter how hard they practiced.

“It’s easy,” Sabrina replied.

 Soon animal shadows started to form in the smoke. Unicorns, zebra’s, horses, rabbits and many more, some of them Clover and even Sabrina didn’t recognise.

“Their beautiful,” Clover said in aw.

“They make me feel at home,” said Sabrina.

“You’re right. There’s something about Talmar that doesn’t feel right,” Clover observed.

“It’s the market later are you going?” Sabrina asked still gazing at the animal shadows.

“No I’ve got to help mam with her potion brewing,” Clover replied.

 Suddenly a dense white fog appeared. It was so thick that if you put your hand in front of your face you wouldn’t be able to see it.

“What’s going on?” Clover asked.

 Clover, like everyone else was scared of the forest. Sabrina liked to be in the forest because it helped her to think so she had almost dragged Clover with her.

“I don’t know,” said Sabrina who sounded excited.

 Sabrina loved adventures and working out riddles. Nothing exciting had ever happened in Talmar and she was ready for a real adventure. However, Clover hated adventure and if she was ever given a riddle to solve then it would either be completed by one of her friends, mainly Sabrina, or it never got solved.

 Sabrina vanished the liquid in the cauldron and made her hand light up.

“Lets investigate,” Sabrina suggested.

“Please can we just get out of the forest?” Clover asked.

“How are you going to find the exit?” Sabrina asked.

 Clover looked behind her and realised that Sabrina was right. She couldn’t perform the light spell yet and without that light you wouldn’t be able to see anything. There was also no point in trying to make Sabrina turn away from an adventure.

“It might be how the wolves catch their prey,” Clover said in a last desperate attempt to leave the forest.

 Sabrina laughed. Her friend was always such a scaredy cat.

“I’m going on,” Sabrina said and started to walk away.

 Clover had no choice but to follow her. Sabrina went to the edge of the fog. It was clear that the fog was magical. When she had reached the edge she saw an army. They all wore the same  uniform which was a violet jacket, blue trousers and green leather boats. What an odd uniform for an army Sabrina thought.

Clover was standing next to Sabrina and could also see the army. She wasn’t concentrating on the uniform. Unlike Sabrina she realised that there was something about them that looked unreal. Almost like they were from a different world though she couldn’t quite explain what that was. Mabey, thought Clover, they were all sorcerers but then Clover reminded herself that there was only a lucky few people who were clever enough to become sorcerers.

“Can we leave please Sabrina because there is something about them that doesn’t look right but I can’t explain what,” Clover breathed. She was so quiet that Sabrina could pretend not to hear which she did do. Sabrina wasn’t worried. She had guessed right that this was her dad’s army.

 Marko was leading the army whilst Heraldo had to speak to the king. He had been pleased when Heraldo had chosen him to temporarily take his place. Today he was going to check how the army’s defensive spells were coming along.

“Now,” said Marko “ Heraldo Frost couldn’t lead army training today because he had to see the king on some urgent matter.”

 He had the undivided attention of the army without even having to try. Marko new why because he used to be in the normal army until he became part of the sorcerer army.

 “ I thought we could practise defensive spells, so get into the defensive postion,” he commanded.

 The whole army moved as one. Soon they were the shape of a square with no one in the centre with the second fingers of their right hand pointing in the air. The finger was generally called the wandfinger since all the wands had been destroyed. Just then Marko looked into the forest. He could see through the fog and he thought he had felt movement or rather the fog had been disturbed. Sure enough he saw the commanders daughter and her friend.

“Wait a moment,” Marko ordered the army.

 Clover was very frightened when she saw Marko walking towards them. Sabrina on the other hand was eager because was in some kind of trance with the army and she had lots of questions.

“What are you girls doing here?” Marko asked in a friendly voice.

“Sorry,” said Sabrina “We were just amazed by the army training.”

“You mean you were I just want to get out of this forest because it gives me the creeps,” said Clover shivering.

Marko looked at Clover and saw that she was nothing like Sabrina when it came to adventure.

“That will be the sorcerer that lives in the middle of the forest,”

Marko said.

“I thought sorcerers were good,” Sabrina said thoughtfully

whilst Clover nearly let out a little scream but stopped herself just in time.

“Not all sorcerers are good,” Marko said.

“What has the sorcerer done?” Clover asked not sure weather she wanted to know.

“He hasn’t actually done anything it’s actually what he’s threatening to do that the problem.”

“What’s he threatening to do?” Sabrina asked curious.

“He said that he would freeze the whole of Talmar if we didn’t give him what he wanted,” Marko replied.

“What does he want?” Clover asked.

“That’s the problem we don’t know,” Marko answered.

Sabrina checked her watch and saw that it was coming up to three in the afternoon and knew that the market would be


“We need to get going,” Sabrina said to Clover.

“See you around and if I were you I would keep clear of the forest,” Marko said going back to the army.

“Not likely,” Sabrina whispered as they walked away.

By the time they made it out of the forest the market was


“Are you coming?” Sabrina asked Clover.

“No I need to go see you,” she said.

Sabrina watched Clover leave and knew she only wanted to go

to make sure she didn’t end up in another adventure. Sabrina

had been waiting for this market for a week because she was

running out of certain herbs that could only be bought at

the market. She walked to the stalls and saw a book stand.

Interested Sabrina went over to look. All of the products sold

on market day came from other places. She didn’t look hard

before she found a book called ‘How To Become A

Sorcerer.’ She paid for it before going over to get herbs. The

Herbs were the same as usual.

  For the rest of the day Sabrina read the book. She found it

very interesting. There were spells in here that she had never

heard of.

 While Sabrina was reading two sorcerers, Yavin and Cassidy

were practicing in the forest. Yavin had short black spiky hair,

slightly tanned skin and green eyes. Out of the five sorcerers in

Talmar he was the sensible one. Cassidy always liked to mess

around. She had hair that came down to her shoulders and for

some reason had dyed it pink, pale skin but not as white as

Sabrina’s and had hazel eye’s. The other three sorcerers,

Nadetta, Farold and Willard had gone on a trip today but

Cassidy and Yavin didn’t want to go so they stayed behind to

practise. As usual Cassidy was messing around.

“There’s a wolf behind you,” she said laughing.

“Where?” asked Yavin.

 He hated wolves and knew there were some in the forest

and it made him edgy. The others always laughed at him

about it and tricked him.

“There’s no wolf,” Yavin said crossly.

“I know,” said Cassidy still laughing.

“You are so annoying some times,” Yavin replied.

“Thank-you,” said Cassidy. “I’m glad to know my efforts

aren’t being wasted.”

  Yavin sighed. Nadetta and Willard were just the same Cassidy

as in very annoying.

“Remember the movement for the fire charm,” Yavin told


“I’m not dumb,” Cassidy retorted and set a tree alight.

“Nice,” Yavin commented as the tree burned to the ground and

the fire disappeared.

“You try,” Cassidy instructed.

 Yavin pointed his finger at another tree and the same flames came out and set the tree alight.

“I bet I could do better,” came a voice from behind Yavin.

Out of the trees behind Yavin and Cassidy came Nadetta, Farold and Willard.

“Hello to you to,” Yavin said irritably.

“I thought you were going out till like six o clock,” Cassidy said looking pleased.

“The wind got to strong,” Nadetta replied.

 Nadetta had brown curly hair, violet eyes and tanned skin. Farold had straight short brown hair, black eyes and tanned skin. Willard had short spiky blond hair, blue eyes and white skin.

“The army were practising again in the forest earlier,” Cassidy told the others.

“Why can’t they leave us alone,” Nadetta complained.

“Don’t be to down Nad, at least you don’t have red dots all over your face,” Willard grinned at Yavin.

 Everyone else looked at Yavin to and burst out laughing. Red dots covered Yavin’s  face

“What?” Yavin asked.

When everyone just continued to laugh at him instead of telling him he changed his hand into a mirror and looked at his reflection.

“Willard,” he said crossly performing the counter charm.

“It wasn’t me,” Willard said still grinning.

“It was me,” Farold cut in still grinning like Willard. “You’re so easy to wind up Yav you really need to calm down.”

“If we are ever going to complete the sorcerers quest then we need to grow up a bit,” Yavin said shortly.

“It was only a joke Yav seesh,” Farold said.

“Also until the scriptures are found we are not on the quest,” Nadetta said.

“Your right Nad,” Cassidy agreed still grinning.

“I’ll see you tonight,” said Yavin and walked away.

“Yavin is so serious all the time,” commented Willard.

Nadetta yawned, “I’m going to have to go home and get some sleep before another night of magic practise you all should to.”

“Ok,” Willard agreed and they all walked out of the forest.

The End

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