The Sorcerers book

Many years ago a war broke out in the Clyptics. Why it started was all written down but has been lost. The Manopods won that war and the king's and queens were killed. One day one side will be defeated for good and the race to complete the sorcerers quest is on. No one knows what the quest is and no one will until the old scriptures are found but they have been lost for a decade. Until then the war will continue!

The Sorcerers Book


Chapter 1- Request


Heraldo Frost was humming softly to himself as he rowed his canoe up the long winding river. He was out later than usual because he had been called to a meeting before he could go home. He been told by none other than the king himself that he was going to be the new commander of the army because the last commander had been killed in battle last week.

  Heraldo lived in a place called Talmar. Talmar was a village that was situated between two hills. It was a rich village because it had so many natural resources that it traded with the outside world. Generally though people didn’t leave Talmar. The houses in Talmar were all painted different colours depending on what status witch or wizard you were. Some people were lucky enough to become sorcerers and attended the best magic school in Talmar which was called Qualom academy. Not many people knew who the sorcerers were. To become a sorcerer you had to do a competition at Qualom but know one was aloud to watch. You didn’t have to be a sorcerer to attend Qualom but you did have to be very talented at magic. Infact the only subject that was ever taught in Talmar was magic in any school you went to.

 Talmar was constantly under threat and generally at war with another group of magicians. There had been a battle last week and destruction was still visible a week later. However, now a new spell had been discovered and performed which would keep the other at bay for many years to come.

  Heraldo pulled the canoe into the boat house just as the sun was setting beyond the horizon. As soon as sun down came guards started to patrol the boarders and would be there until sunrise. As Heraldo walked towards the village one of the guards came up to talk to him.

“Congratulations I knew it would be you they chose,” he said.

“Thank-you Warde,” Heraldo replied.

“What’s your next plan with the army?” Warde asked interested because he was one of the soldiers in the army.

“There won’t be any more attacks from Tollardo army for a long time so I thought that I would train the soldiers in defenceive magic,” Heraldo replied looking tired.

“That would be good. I’m sure that is the reason that we have been failing the attacks because we can perform attack spells better than they can but not defensive,” said Warde who seemed to be trying to impress the new army commander.

“I know that because I was part of the army before I became commander. Please will you let me go home now because I have had a long day,” Heraldo said sounding irritated.

“Sorry Sir good night,” Warde replied walking away.

 Heraldo sighed. If this was what the next few years was going to be like then he might prefer to just being in the normal army. His house was in Cauldron Lane. All the houses here were purple and the people living in them were known as the hamon wizards and were just below the sorcerers. Finally he got home. He took a key out of his pocket and opened  the door.

“I’m home Nina,” shouted Heraldo.

 A women came out of the first room on the right. She was quite a tall women with tanned skin, black hair and blue eyes. Nina was wearing a blue dress.

“Hello darling your late home,” she said.

“I’ve been made army commander and I had to go to a meeting,” Heraldo answered.

“Well done dinners on the table and then why don’t we watch a dvd with a glass of wine to celebrate?” Nina suggested.

“A good idea,” Heraldo agreed.

 After dinner they went and watched a dvd about magic. The dvd was through when the bell rang.

“Who could that be at nine at night?” Nina asked irritably.

Heraldo went into the hall and opened the door. A women stood there with a desperate expression on her face and was carrying a baby in a basket.

“What do you want Maybelle?” asked Heraldo with hatred in his voice.

“Can you look after my baby?” she asked.

“Why would we do that?”

“They’ll kill her if they find her and you know what that would mean,” she begged.

“You joined the wrong side didn’t you?” asked Nina.

“Please can you?” Maybelle asked again.

“Very well but she won’t know who she is,” said Heraldo.

“All the better,” agreed Maybelle.

 Maybelle then turned round and walked away. Heraldo passed the baby to Nina. The baby was a girl. She had black hair, skin that was whiter than a ghost and even though her eyes were closed Nina knew that when they were open they would be bright green.

“Why don’t we call her Sabrina?” asked Nina.

“Yes,” said Heraldo taking Sabrina and putting her in the spare bedroom.

 Before he left he lifted her right palm up. On the palm of her hand was the mark of a lion with it’s jaw wide open and the word leo wrapped round it.

“So it really is you. I thought it would have been a trick,” he told Sabrina.

 Heraldo left the room with an evil grin on his face. As he walked back downstairs the only thing he could think about was how sweet revenge was and he was going to get it at last.


The End

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