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It only took maybe ten minutes for the police to show up, and they promptly escorted me and Raphael out of the apartment. I watched over my shoulder as a team of officers moved into it, bordering it off as a crime scene and taking pictures of everything.

A forensics specialist took a few pictures of me, taking a sample of the blood on my skin before telling me that my clothes would have to be taken as evidence. Raphael held up his coat to shield me from prying eyes as I peeled them off, draping it around my shoulders as I finished.

I was almost too traumatized to notice that he had been looking away as I undressed.

We were both taken down to a police station for questioning, and I had to repeat about fifty times what had happened before they released me, but not before taking my prints.

Raphael took me to his condo so I could get cleaned up and find something substantial to wear, which on that occasion happened to be a long t-shirt I turned into a dress by securing a belt around the waist. I took a long, scalding hot shower and scrubbed every inch of my skin until it was pink and raw, tying my hair into a tight bun. The smell of blood still seemed to linger in the air.

Despite his protests I demanded he take me to the studio, seeing as the practice was due to start in half an hour. When I arrived, however, I felt my stomach totally plummet.

The doors were shut, and police officers were waving dancers away from the yellow tape that was around them. Bea was standing there and, upon seeing me, rushed over.

“Kat! You’re not going to believe what’s going on.”

There was none of her usual humour or mischievousness in the statement. She looked older, and worried.

“Please tell me.” I replied quietly, pressing my lips together.

“The police are trying to keep things hush-hush, but word got around. Vera...she’s been murdered.”

The colour drained from my face. My legs failed and I felt Raphael catching me before I could hit the ground. Bea looked at me, pity written on her features.

“Take her home.” She said to Raphael, “She needs some time to process this.”

Raphael didn’t have to be told twice. He picked me up and promptly took me back to the condo. I couldn't say anything. It was hard enough to breathe. 

The End

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