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When I woke up the plane had already landed, and I realized abruptly that my head was on Sutton’s shoulder. I righted myself, undoing my seatbelt.

The pilot was droning about something as we got up, heading down the fairly spacious aisle to the exit. I watched some people struggling with their luggage and had to say I was glad I didn’t have any.

I was still half-asleep as we left the airport, but felt myself return to attention when I saw the car parked in front of us.

“A Lamborghini?” I asked incredulously, taking in its gleaming red hood and the sleek design.

“This old thing?” Raphael asked, sounding bored but with a hint of satisfaction in his features, “I think so.”

My eyes were still glued to the car as he opened the door for me, and I had to admire the interior as I sat inside.

A Gallardo Spyder. Only the hottest convertible ever.

He started up the car and I listened to the sound of gravel crunching under its tires, still in awe.

“Is it really that impressive?” Raphael asked, looking disinterested.

“I’ve only ever seen this car in posters.” I explained, “It’s almost like seeing a celebrity in person, except better.’re not the only one that likes red.”

“I suppose that makes sense.” He replied, a demure smile on his face.

Sutton pressed a button and the roof slid back, and I undid my ponytail, feeling the wind in my hair. Soon enough we were out on a road where I caught sight of a beautiful coastline, and had to gawk.

“Where are we?” I asked, appreciating the pleasant warmth in the air.


“I knew that.”

“Los Cabos, to be specific.”

I drank in the scenery, beyond words. This beat Chicago streets any day of the week.

“Where are we going?” 

“You’ll find out momentarily.”

A surprise. For the first time in a long time, I was actually a bit excited to see what it was. 

The End

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