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Soon enough the week came to a close and I sat in my apartment, feeling strange. I was a ballerina on my way to the top spot, to my dream, and yet I felt more queasy than excited.

Vera’s words haunted me. I’d thought that the whole backstabbing and fighting part of the ballet was a dramatization. She was right. I didn’t know what I’d signed up for.

But then, of course, I was offered ample distraction.

The landline rang and when I picked it up Sutton told me to come down to the foyer. I had half a mind to tell him he couldn’t just parade in and demand my presence, but decided it was too much work and took the elevator down.

As soon as I emerged I found Raphael by the door, smiling when he saw me. He had on a dark leather jacket and, let me tell you, he could work the look.

“Kate, I hope you don’t have any plans for the weekend.”

“I...don’t?” I offered, “Why, what’s going on?”

He walked over and picked me up, eliciting a yelp of surprise.

“I’m going to steal you away for a day or two. Any objections?”

“What?” I asked, incredulous, “This is such short notice! I don’t have anything packed! I-”

Raphael cut me off.

“-you won’t need anything, relax.”


I was cut off again, but by the secretary.

“Just go with him, hun, you don’t exactly have men lining up at your door.”

I gaped at her, looking at Raphael in the hopes he would defend my honour.

No such luck.

“You heard the woman. Let’s go.”

And, without waiting another second to hear my protests, he walked out the door with me still in his arms.

I figured there was no point in resisting. Besides, he smelled nice. 

The End

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