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 “You might as well have taken him to your room, the way you two were going.” The secretary commented, earning herself a death glare.

I went up to my apartment in a daze, trying to calm my breathing. Only one cure for this kind of problem...


“I knew it! I knew it!”

I sighed, rubbing my temples.

“I don’t even know what happened, Bea. It’s...kind of a blur. How’s your foot?”

“My foot?” she asked incredulously, “What’s wrong with my foot?”

She paused a moment before making a silent realization.

“Oh,” she continued, “That. Yeah, my foot is perfectly fine, thank you for asking. Now tell me again about how you ended up in the pool!”

“Bea,” I groaned, “I’ve told you only about a thousand times. I think you’ve got the whole thing memorized.”

In reality, remembering made my face flush and the stoned butterflies act up again. I already had to deal with that when I was around Raphael, and I didn’t need the feeling any more than that.

“Okay, okay, spoilsport.” She chuckled, before squealing and hurting my ear, “I still can’t believe it! I was right! I knew it all along, when you didn’t come back to the party!”

“He just kissed me Bea, it doesn’t mean anything.”

She groaned in annoyance.

“Just kissed you? Just kissed you? Did Romeo just kiss Juliet? Did Darcy just profess his love to Elizabeth?”

“I don’t know if those are good comparisons, Bea.” I replied, rolling my eyes.

“Okay, Kat. Then you won’t mind answering some questions.”

“Go right ahead.”

“What kind of a kiss was it? Long? Short? Did you get any tongue?”

“What kind of a question is that?” I coughed, feeling heat rise to my cheeks.

“I’m the one asking the questions here, so don’t question me!” she replied, “Now, answer please!”

“Uh...I didn’t really keep track of time.” I said uncertainly, “And...I guess there was some tongue.”

I scrunched my face up in embarrassment, but Bea continued on with the method of a drill sergeant.

“How much? A little or a lot?”


“Answer the question!”


“Hmm...” she started, “It’s better than I thought. Your chances are looking good.”

“My chances?”

“That the relationship will succeed, obviously! Now, tell me, did he kiss you goodnight?”

It was my turn to groan in exasperation, but I knew that Bea wouldn’t leave me alone until she had an answer.


“Now it goes up from 93 to 96 percent!”

“What?” I asked incredulously.

“I’m using very reliable methods here, Kat. Now tell me, what kind of a kiss was this one?”

I already knew I was in for one long phone call.

The End

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