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Sutton walked back in a few minutes later, only to find me messing around with the shiny, unused coffee machine.

“Here,” he offered, taking over, “Let me do it.”

I watched as he pressed a few buttons on the keypad, instantly getting it to whir contentedly.

“Why..?” I asked, annoyed at my technological handicap.

“I have a way with machines.” He explained, “And you hadn’t turned it on.”

I felt like slapping myself in the face but watched the coffee pour into the glass pot instead, sighing.

“I’m such an idiot.”

“Actually, for a blonde you’re pretty smart.” He remarked, getting a punch in the shoulder for it.

“And for a well-bred gentleman you’re pretty rude.” I shot back, glaring at him.

“For someone so down-to-earth you’re rather breathtaking.”

I had no reply to that. I felt my mouth open and close, my wittiness dissipating.


“Nothing.” He smiled, “How do you want your coffee?”

The change of subject was greatly appreciated.

“No sugar, no cream.”

Sutton looked at me, surprised, before pouring me a mug.

“That’s exactly how I always have mine.”

I took my coffee, letting its aroma waft up to me.

“I would say ‘great minds think alike’ but then it would only be half-true.” I said, glad that my attitude was coming back to me.

Call me a wimp, but being snarky helped me shield my emotions. Sutton made me feel exposed, and I wasn’t sure he’d like what he saw.

“Of course,” he replied, “So, what do you plan on doing now?”

“Come again?” I asked, tucking some loose hair behind my ear.

“I could drop you off at your place, or back to the party. Or, there’s always the option of you staying the night.”

I felt a band of drunken butterflies having a party in my stomach and laughed nervously, trying to take my eyes away from his devilish expression.

“I should probably go home. I, uh, work to do.”

“Right, I figured you would.” He replied, walking out, “Let’s go, before it gets too dark.”

I followed, pulling on the somewhat-soggy heels and waiting as Raphael draped the trench coat around me.

When I was sure he wasn’t watching I pulled the collar up to my face and breathed deeply. Sandalwood. Heaven.

“Coming?” Raphael asked, making me sigh and head outside.

The ride to my apartment was a fairly quiet one, aside from a bit of our usual back-and-forth. I was somewhat absent-minded, still in disbelief.

It had to be some crazy dream. Me and chance in hell.

That was the same thing I was thinking as we stood outside my building, Raphael standing and waiting for me to go inside.

“Well, um, goodnight.” I managed to say, biting my lip.


I stepped over and, going onto my toes, gave him a small, innocent kiss on the cheek.

He looked at me for a second, and then we were at it again. I wasn’t sure who moved first, but we met in the middle, a mess of limbs and movement.

His hands cradled my face and I was overwhelmed with sensation.

One moment he was patiently holding me, our foreheads resting together, and the next he would be covering me in molten kisses. Our forms melded together from the proximity, and I could feel his heart beating erratically against mine.

It could have been minutes or hours when we finally pulled apart, and Raphael reluctantly let me go, watching as I walked into the apartment.

I turned to watch him drive off, touching my still-tingling face and letting out a breath I didn’t realize I’d been holding.

That man was going to be the end of me. 

The End

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