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I spent the next few days getting in a lot of time at Frisco’s, hoping to finally pay off the rest of the hospital bills. They weren’t very high, by bill standards, but it was hard enough for me to pay the rest of my bills comfortably. But now, having been put into so many roles, my salary was probably going to rise considerably.

I hadn’t put much thought into it before, but I would probably be able to move into a better apartment. Get a TV, Internet, laptop, smartphone. I would probably be able to live normally.

It was kind of exciting. Financial security was something I’d wanted my entire life, and I was finally about to get it. Even then, I had to admit I would miss spending all of my free hours at the diner. Yes, it was crazy, but it was also rewarding in its own right.

It reminded me of Roy, how things ended before they even began. The memory didn’t make me sad, just somewhat wistful. My love life was as dead as a zombie for the most part, and I usually didn’t care about it too much, but the short fling with him had announced it again loud and clear in my head.

I didn’t have a crazy bucket list like Bea, but I still wanted to experience certain things at some point or another. Having someone that cared for me was one of those things.

Maybe I did have a sappy side to me.

“Kat, I want you at my place three hours before the party starts.”

Bea didn’t sound angry or sad, I noticed happily. It seemed she was back to her scheming self.

“Alright, but I don’t know what I’m going to wear-”

She cut me off.

“Leave that to me. Wardrobe and makeup are my department! You just be here.”

“Okay...but I’m not going as the bad bunny.”

Beatrice laughed.

“I’m sure you’d get a lot of attention.”

“I have to make a good impression,” I replied, “There’s probably going to be a bunch of important people there.”

“Oh, believe me, you’ll make an impression.” She said excitedly, hanging up.

I was a bit worried but more relieved to hear that she wasn’t too affected by the casting.

After a short while I showered and headed to her place, quickly being ushered inside and into a chair. I didn’t argue or put up a fight as she went about fixing up my hair and fussing over my makeup and nails.

Eventually she stopped, sighing in contentment, and pointed to some clothes laid out on her bed.

“You can get dressed. I’ll be in the shower.”

She ran in her haphazard way to the bathroom, leaving me to my thoughts. I resisted the urge to fiddle with my hair and changed, pulling on the dress carefully and slipping on the black heels.

I approached the full-length mirror cautiously, blinking in surprise.

If Bea had worked magic the first couple times she’d dolled me up, that time had been a miracle. My hair had been swept into an up-do, with one solitary lock hanging by my cheek, and my icy blue eyes popped from the smoky hints of shadow and liner around them. Both my lips and nails had been painted expertly in a luscious shade of red, matching my dress.

It was strapless, with black lace detailing running across its silky fabric. To my surprise it wasn’t too short, ending just above the knee, and the neckline wasn’t bad either.

I wasn’t sure how long I’d been standing there, gawking at myself, but before I knew it Bea had emerged from the bathroom, her hair in perfect curls and her makeup done.

She was in a floor-length purple dress, with an open back and white jewels lining the off-shoulder strap.

“You forgot these.” She said pointedly, holding a pair of black gloves at me.

I pulled them on, reaching just above my elbow, and then raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

“If I was going to wear gloves, why did you do my nails?”

Bea looked at me like I was nuts.

“Just in case you have to take them off, obviously. I couldn’t let you make a public appearance with claws on your hands.”

“My nails are not claws.” I replied, my ego stinging.

“Not now, because I’ve done them for you! Now, Kat, this is going to be your accessory for the night.”

She handed me a red Chinese fan that matched my dress, and I looked at it uncertainly. 

"What do I do with this?"

Bea sighed with exasperation and took it from me to demonstrate how to wave it coquettishly, handing it back before picking up her clutch purse.

"Use it. It'll make you seem high class."

I was about to say something but she told me that we had to get a move on to make it to the party, and could only follow as she led the way to her car. 

The End

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