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The next few days went by somewhat anxiously, punctuated by long cell phone chats with Bea about how scared we both were of the auditions’ results.

Until, of course, she called me again and exclaimed impatiently that the letters had arrived. I literally ran down to the lobby of my apartment and opened my mailbox, pulling out the heavy cream-coloured envelope.

I ran my fingers over the red seal and inhaled sharply, knowing that some of the most important information concerning my life was lying inside.

“Let’s open them together!” Bea said, “On the count of three.”

“One, two....three!”

The seal snapped easily in my hands and I pulled the cardstock paper out, scanning through the contents to find what roles I had been cast to.

The Nutcracker-Sugar Plum Fairy

Romeo and Juliet-Juliet

Swan Lake-

My heart constricted as I continued on.

Swan Lake-Odile

I leaned against the wall, sinking to the floor.

“Bea...I’m not Odette.”

“What?” she screeched, “Impossible!”

A second later I heard her sigh.

“And I’m not Giselle. I’m so sorry, Kat.”

“It’s still ten steps up from last year, I guess.” I replied with uncertainty, feeling the taste of bitterness spreading in my mouth.

“What were you cast as? Those idiots must be blind!”

“Sugar plum fairy, Juliette, Odile-”

“-Odile?” Bea interjected incredulously, “But aren’t Odette and Odile always played by the same woman?”

I shrugged, disheartened.

“I guess they decided to do things differently.”

“Well, on the bright side,” Bea said apologetically, “You’ve got two huge roles.”

I looked at the letter again, my blood running cold. There was one last line I’d missed.


“Beatrice...I’ve been cast as Giselle.”

I heard her pause before replying.

“Better you than one of the other snobs. Congrats.”

“I’m sorry, Bea-”

“Hey, there’s nothing to be sorry about. I have to call Alain and tell him the news. Later.”

She hung up and I didn’t bother trying to call her back. I read the rest of the letter, finding an invitation for a cast season-kickoff party, with the guest speaker none other than Talgus.

I would go, even if only for the chance to talk to him one last time before he headed back to Florida. Hopefully Bea would feel up to it too. 

The End

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