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"So..." I said finally, leaning back into the impossibly-comfortable Ferrari seat, "Where's the list?"

Sutton looked at me questioningly.

"What list?"

I sighed, as if he was being tremendously forgetful.

"The list of mistakes I made. You haven't pointed any out yet so I figured you'd gone and written them all down somewhere."

"Do you want me to spell it out?" he sighed back, "I didn't see any."

"Wait, what?" I asked, sitting up straight, "I didn't hear that."

"I said," he replied with extreme annoyance, "I didn't see any mistakes."

I laughed and then arched an eyebrow.

"Are you serious?"

"Yes." he muttered, glowering.

"Are you running a temperature? I think you're in some kind of hysteria."

Raphael clearly did not appreciate my sense of humour.

"Enjoy it while it lasts, Abromovich. And don't go spreading it around."

"What, and make you seem human? Of course not."

Sutton smirked and put his eyes back on the road.

"I didn't think you would come to terms with my divine nature so quickly." he replied, making me roll my eyes.

"I think you mean demonic nature, sunshine."

"Whatever you say."

By the time he pulled up in front of my apartment I'd lost count of the 'witty' remarks I'd made and waited as he got out and opened the door.

I was tempted to open it myself, but there weren't many times I actually had a millionaire opening the door of a Ferrari for me, even if he was a total pain in the neck.

When I entered the lobby I was surprised to find that Sutton came in after me, holding up my clunker of a phone.

"You forgot this."

He held it out for me and when I reached for it our fingers brushed together and I felt like I'd been hit by a hundred simultaneous static shocks.

"Cute couple." the secretary commented, making Raphael clear his throat awkwardly and let go of the phone, giving me a nod before leaving. 

I watched as he drove off, sighing. Auditioning for the Ballet was easier than keeping my composure around him. 

The End

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