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“Don’t you like surprises?”

I shrugged.

“Sometimes I get too many surprises at once and being surprised again doesn’t surprise me at all.”



“I think that the Maltesers got to your head.”

I laughed, rolling over a bit to grab them and throw another couple in my mouth. Ah, heaven in a bag.

“I don’t care, it feels good anyways.”

“You are too weird.”

“You’re weirder.” I shot back, rolling back over.

She rolled her eyes in exasperation and got up reluctantly, moving to pick up our mess.

“Okay, we’re both weirdoes, but this room still needs cleaning.”

“I’ll help,” I promised, “Just give me a second to recuperate from the sugar hit.”

“Of course you will Kat, I’ll make sure of it.”

After a few moments I piped up again, staring off at the light’s reflection on the TV screen.

“Bea, have you ever been in love?”

She glanced at me, sprawled out on the couch in my sugar-wastedness and shrugged.

“I’ve been in lust, but I don’t know about love.” She paused, smiling a little, “Yeah, actually. Once. A long time ago.”

“What was it like?” I asked, trying not to fall asleep.

“It’s hard to describe...when I wasn’t with him I thought about him, and when I was with him nothing else existed. He was branded into my memory, and I couldn’t forget him even if I wanted to.”

“Where is he now?” I yawned, my eyelids heavy.

“I don’t know. He left me. Probably moved on.”

“That totally sucks.”

She was talking about something but I zoned out and couldn’t focus on the conversation.

I was thinking about Sutton. The nuances of his voice, the unmistakeable posh ring to it lying under his almost-constantly bored tone. The way it never failed to cause a reaction in my mind, the way I could swear I heard it whenever I was in a crowd.

I doubted my sanity momentarily at my own thoughts, but I was too hopped up on chocolate and sour keys to care. I felt like a composer analyzing a piece of music, and finding a hidden masterpiece in its place. The kind that washed over you like the waves on a beach of white sand, pulling you into it gently and then enveloped you.

The kind that played over and over again in your head, and the kind you wouldn’t mind listening to for all of eternity.

I realized just then that I probably wouldn’t ever hear it again, and let out a long sigh. It would be hard to face that when I was restored to my full mental capacity. 

The End

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