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"Don't sound so annoyed, Kat! Let's just go spend some time out on the town!"

That sounded harmless. That was what scared me.

"Does it involve me dressing up as a rabbit?"


"Getting hit by a car?"


"Complying with any of your schemes?"


I sighed.

"Okay, then. But I reserve the right to bail and get in some time at Frisco's."

"Done deal. I'll pick you up."

I plopped back onto my bed, looking at my nails. The rich brown colour had chipped off, showing the indigo underneath. Bea would call me a fashion disaster. 

Even then I couldn't help but smile. 

When Bea arrived I hopped into her car before she could scold my outfit or lack of makeup, the car roaring to life and whizzing out onto the road.

"So where are we going?" I asked, half-dreading the answer.

"To have a picnic, of course! At Millennium Park!" 

"That old place?" I muttered, "And on a Friday? It's going to be packed."

"Fine, how about shopping?"

"I'm practically broke, Bea." I replied, surprised she was even listening to my protests.

"We could always go to Eon..."

"No. Over my dead body."

"Well, how about we get some takeout and watch a couple movies?"

Sounded reasonable.

"Sure. Can I choose the food?"

"So long as I choose the flicks!" 


We were both curled up on Bea's couch maybe half an hour later with a mountain of snacks at our feet, and styrofoam cartons of falafel-ly goodness sitting in our laps. 

"Tonight's feature presentation..." Bea said in a mock announcer voice, clicking the remote.

I should have known, but she'd chosen a bunch of sappy dance-related movies. Strictly Ballroom, Dirty Dancing and Billy Elliot

We laughed at the actors' poor technique together, pointing out their obvious mistakes and then noting where they had been switched with professional doubles. Bea, of course, cried at the sappy parts but I just yawned, seeking comfort in my falafel.

"I never understood why they were called chick flicks." I said as our last movie came to an end, "I'm a chick and they bore me to death for the most part."

"That," she started, throwing popcorn at me, "Is because you happen to be a cruel, cold-hearted man in a woman's body."

"Am not!"

"All of the proof is there," she said, "You don't know a thing about makeup or clothes, are totally oblivious when it comes to guys, and don't even like chick flicks!"

I threw some popcorn back.

"That's just because I happen to be a rare specimen untouched by the effects of mass media."

"Specimen is right, alien specimen maybe!"

I hit her on the head with a cushion and soon enough we were in a full-on pillow fight, dodging each other's blows and pausing to snack on one of the many foods lying half-open everywhere.

Eventually we called a truce and fell back onto the couch, exhausted.

"So..." Bea started, "You still didn't tell me how you got out of practice early."

"Sutton decided to give me a break and called it off." I replied, unwilling to discuss the show.

"That's awfully nice of him." 

"Yeah...surprised me too." 

The End

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