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It was non-stop moving for me every second of every day, so much so that it felt strange if I ever stopped aching. After a few days the pain had dulled and become more of a mellow sensation that lingered at the back of my mind, but that didn't mean I didn't feel it.

Raphael and I had gone through every step of the ballet, over and over and over again. I would have easily become sick of the thing if I didn't have so much at stake. I got better at rollerblading and maneuvering tight spaces with my job at Frisco's and it actually ended up improving my technique. 

Roy and I met a few more times, doing what I guess were normal couple-y things to do. With my fatigue and his shyness the most physical we got was holding hands, but I didn't really mind. I didn't need any less sleep than I had, and I was glad he respected that. 

We were more sweethearts than lovers if you know what I mean. We talked like old friends and discussed whatever random things ran through our minds. Laughed and fooled around with each other like kids. He happened to be an amazingly supportive person and reassured me whenever I felt down, and I tried my best to do the same. 

Even if we didn't have the kind of scandalous relationship that Bea and Alain probably had going on, I sincerely learned to care for him, and a part of me was sure that I could learn to love him.

My video, meanwhile, had grown to ten times its original popularity and eventually a 'sequel' showed up (footage of me in front of the studio stopping the crook that shoved past me) and that one quickly became viral too.

People frequently asked me if I was the 'bad bunny' and quite a few asked for pictures with me or autographs. I would ask a small fee in return and ended up making a decent bit of change.

I was well on my way to paying off the hospital bills, just over the halfway point, and just a week from auditions. A nervous anxiety had spread in my stomach, like having a hyper-active butterfly going wild in your intestines. I was scared but insanely excited, and that ended up lending me more energy to get through the days. Except, of course, when it came to dealing with Bea's nuttiness.

"No, Bea, no."

"Oh come on," she wheedled, "It's one of the greatest tactics out there and you know it!"

"Tactic? To do what?"

She sighed exasperatedly as if she was dealing with a supreme idiot. 

"To make him jealous! To test my theory!"

"Is that really necessary?" I replied, "I mean, we already know he's banging some girl every other night-"


"-and that should be proof enough that he sees me as nothing more than a client." I continued, "Besides, I am in the process of obtaining a boyfriend so you can't complain."

"You mean Roy?" she asked, sighing again, "He's cute, and he's sweet, but I can tell he's not your type."

"Since when do you know what my type is, anyway?" I asked incredulously.

"I'm good at reading people too. You, Kat, are a woman of extremes and the only way you're going to be happy in a relationship is with someone similar! Like, say, a brooding billionaire slash crazy dance trainer! Not some boy-next-door cop!"

I huffed in irritation.

"That's no way to talk about him, Bea! I'll do it, okay, and when it all goes horribly wrong you'll have to finally admit...that you're wrong!"

"Fine." she said sweetly, "Agreed. If he shows absolutely no sign of the green monster I'll get off your case, but if he does-"

"-that won't happen."

"-if he does you owe me a favour."


The call clicked shut and I rolled my eyes, amazed at how Bea had talked me into doing something else stupid. I had to admit, the woman knew her way around words.

And I really needed to learn to stop listening to them!

The End

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