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The rest of the week went by fairly uneventfully. Raphael still made me practice like mad, I still spent as much time as I could moonlighting at Frisco's and Bea and I occasionally chatted or hung out.

I was walking out of the dance studio, exhausted, when I crashed into someone. Roy. 

He apologized profusely, but I smiled and told him to shut up.

Roy obliged, and I took his arm as we started to walk down the sidewalk.

"What are you doing here?" We both asked simultaneously, laughing soon afterwards. 

"I was just finishing my patrol." Roy said finally, scratching the back of his neck with his free hand, "Shift was moved up. You?"

"Training for the ballet season." I replied, getting a surprised look from him, "I'm a dancer."

As if in demonstration I let go of his hand and ran up to a streetlamp, twirling around it and then hopping back down to him.

"Somehow that doesn't surprise me." he said, smiling back.

"Why's that?" 

"Well," he started, looking somewhat uncomfortable, "You're a very...graceful person."

"Thanks. I don't get that a lot." I replied, chuckling.

Especially not from Sutton. His choice of adjective would be 'lacking' or 'needs work'. Yeah, pretty aggravating when it comes down to it.

Wait, why was I thinking about him again?

"Could I get that promised coffee?" I asked innocently, giving what I hoped was a dazzling smile.

A few minutes later we were sitting in a small cafe, right by the large glass window. I had my coffee black, no sugar and no cream as always. Roy was in the process of drinking some kind of milked-down espresso, topped with quite a bit of milk froth.

He ended up with some of it on his face and as I cleaned it off for him with a napkin I felt myself remembering the chocolate donuts in the hospital. I cursed myself for being so nostalgic all of a sudden and immersed myself in chatting with Roy.

I had my impression of him confirmed - he was a sweet, somewhat shy newbie on the force. He told me a bunch of stories from his patrols, something about having the police cruiser stolen and then returned. 

It wasn't boring, in fact I knew that Roy was shaping up to be the kind of guy most girls would want to date, but my mind wandered from time to time. To 'Gabby', to Sutton.

I hated myself for even thinking about him. I was meeting with someone else, after all. 

He was just my trainer. And yet I felt so self-conscious when he so much as glanced at me, and my ego stung for hours when he criticized my dancing.

Was that why he was a legend? Because he managed to get under people's skin and force them to improve? I wasn't really sure. 

The End

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