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"Bea? Yeah, believe it or not he asked me out."

I heard a squeal and had to move the cell away from my ear to save it from the noise.

"I knew it!" she cheered, "You said yes, of course?"

"Yeah." I replied, wondering where her enthusiasm came from, "You made me promise, remember?"

There was a second of silence.

"Oh. Oh he asked you out. I thought you meant...never mind."

"What did you think I meant?" I asked, inspecting my nails.

I hadn't realized it then, but I'd chosen a colour matching Sutton's eyes. I glanced at the bluish purple, catching the light one second and then absorbing it. I wanted to paint over it with a different shade.

"I thought you meant Raphael." she said sheepishly, "I was so sure...guess he's just as pigheaded as you."

"Hey! I am not pigheaded!" I insisted, fishing around in my drawer for nail polish.

"You are." she replied, "Both of you. That was why I figured you'd make a good pair."

I sighed.

"He has a girlfriend."


I proceeded to tell her about the snooping I'd done on his phone. She congratulated me on my espionage but then let out various exclamations about how destiny had messed up, how we were star-crossed lovers or something.

Bea always managed to make me laugh.

"Well," she said finally, "At least you still got a date."

"Oh," I started, remembering, "How are things with you and Alain?"

"He didn't lose his job." she said happily, "He is the greatest drink mixer around, after all. It's hard with my training and his PhD but we still manage to squeeze in some us time."

" getting a PhD?" I asked, somewhat in disbelief.

"Yeah, something science-y. In his final year. He works at Eon to help pay for his tuition. Though I have to say I do tend to distract him when he's trying to study..."

She laughed and I rolled my eyes. Bea was a regular Casanova when it came down to it.

"Speaking of which," she said seriously, "I have to call him. Later."

The call ended and I put my cell away, finally picking out a mahogany polish and putting it directly over top of my existing coats. I stopped to admire it shortly before crashing into bed.

The End

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