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The next day I was glad (fairly glad) to find the heating had been fixed. Practice was back to normal (ish) and I was being danced to the bone again.

I wasn't sure if it was just my mind playing tricks on me, but Raphael seemed somewhat preoccupied, his steps and orders the same but his eyes off looking at the invisible horizon.

Call me a wimp but I was kind of glad for that. I'd glimpsed an intensity in his gaze during the rain practice and I didn't really know if I wanted to see it again. It made concentrating even harder than usual.

We had a short break and he was checking something on his phone when the secretary popped in and said there was a call for him. He left the snazzy-looking device on the floor and followed her, and I couldn't help but watch it sitting innocently where he'd left it.

I told myself it was wrong to snoop but then I heard Bea in my head, yelling at me about the universe telling me something. 

Just a peek, I promised myself, tiptoeing over and picking it up.

He'd left it unlocked. I flicked across the home screen, finding only pre-installed apps. 

So he had a gorgeous looking phone and didn't even bother getting any programs to go with it. Figures.

Somehow my finger brushed against the messages icon (I swear it was an accident) and I scrolled down, looking through bookings and appointment texts to find some that looked vaguely like they weren't typed by a receptionist.

They were from a contact named 'Gabby'. 

Ralph, I need you. (That was from the date of my accident, sent at 2:30 am)

Come to me, please. 

I stopped reading after the second text, shut the app and put the phone where it'd been before. My face was burning and I quickly put on an emotionless mask when Sutton came back into the room.

So he did have a girlfriend. I should've known, but the last thing I'd expected him to do was go visiting at all hours of the night.

Wait, if she was his girlfriend then it made sense, didn't it? I put it out of my mind quickly. 

If she was anything like Vera then she was rich and pretty and a grade-A snob.

I didn't know why I cared, but even as I strapped my rollerblades on for my Frisco's shift my heart jumped into my throat when I thought about it. My insides churned but I tied my hair up and put on a smile.

When Roy dropped by the diner he was alone, and I rolled up with the coffee pot already in my hands.

I put a mug in front of him and was about to fill it when he put his hand around the mug, around my hand.

I was forced to look up at him, and found that he was having a hard time meeting my eyes.

"Uh, I was uh, wondering if you'd uh..." he stuttered, making my smile genuine, "Like to grab a coffee sometime?"

He looked at me towards the end of the sentence, and I felt my heart melt.

"Sure thing, Roy." I replied easily, "But let me know in advance. I'm a busy girl, you know."

I loosened my hand from his grasp, and poured his coffee. I skated off to clean the tables, watching from the corner of my eye as he added a whole bunch of cream and sugar, smiling to himself. 

Bea was going to freak when I told her about this.

The End

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