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I spent the rest of the day in a daze. Whenever I closed my eyes I saw Raphael; his hypnotic eyes, small, slightly pointed nose and the almost invisible curve of his lips when pulled into his signature smirk.

His torso, back, shoulder blades moving with the utmost control, each individual muscle contracting and relaxing in turn like the gears in a clockwork machine. 

I chided myself for being such an easily distracted person, but to be fair Sutton was very distracting. In his rudeness, I mean. It beat me why images of him swirled in my mind, why his scent and touch lingered on me like perfume.

Every moment I had spent with him replayed itself in my head, and it suffices to say that it drove me nuts. 

All I wanted was to get the training over with and forget about the trainer. Was that too much to ask?

Roy and his police pals dropped by again towards the end of my shift and I let it distract me from my distraction. I may have been a little too eager to flirt with him, but as I cleaned up I assured myself that it wouldn't make a difference.

I was selling a product, wasn't I? Part of the service, you could argue. He was cute, anyways, and I wasn't exactly at a loss for things to say. 

Bea had planned a night in for us girls, and we spent an hour or so doing each other's hair and nails. I wasn't nearly as proficient as her, but I tried my best and we had a couple laughs when I accidentally started painting the floor instead of her nail.

I was thinking about the rain. And Sutton.

She showed me the video and we laughed our heads off when we noticed Bea in the corner, and her hunched form when she threw me the pepper spray. I had to admit it looked pretty epic. And there were a lot of views. 

We snacked on candy throughout and I was presumably on a serious sugar high.

I gossiped about Raphael and Roy and we both giggled like maniacs. Bea said something about both of their names starting with R and how it was some message from the universe, but I didn't really remember much of it. 

For the first time in a while, I felt like a kid again. It was great. 

The End

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