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"You met him again?"

I laughed, undoing the ribbons in my hair.

"Yeah, at the diner."

Bea made a sound of disbelief.

"The universe keeps throwing guys at you and you don't even give them a chance!"

"Bea," I started, trying not to laugh again, "We just talked, and for a few seconds! He wasn't throwing himself at me."

She tutted.

"I said the universe was throwing them at you. Karma, fate, destiny? Promise me this, Kat, if he asks you out give it a shot."

Ok, Beatrice's imagination was officially even more far-fetched than mine.

"He's not going to ask me out-"

She cut me off.


I sighed.

"Fine, Bea, I promise. Now tell me about that video."

She was too excited about the new subject to call me out on changing it.

"It's surprisingly good quality! They showed it from different angles so you look like you're in an action movie! I'll send you the link-" I coughed, and she sighed before continuing, "I know you don't have Internet but you should really check it out somewhere when you get the chance. Last I checked the views multiplied by ten."

"Well, it wasn't what I'd imagined when I dreamed of being famous, but I guess I'll take it."

"Only a matter of time before you have people running after you for autographs."

"I don't think so," I chuckled, "Well I think I'm going to go and pass out now."

"Have fun, Kat!"

I rolled my eyes at her craziness and collapsed in my bed, barely having enough time to feel the pillow against my face before I fell asleep.


I woke up on the roof of my building, but I couldn't fully come to consciousness and fell asleep again, waking up in the morning to find I was back in my bed.

It made me wonder whether it was just some weird dream, and as I showered the last of my caution washed away.

Even if it hadn't been a dream I had returned to my flat, unharmed. If anything that meant I was getting better, right? And I hadn't even had an episode in a while.

Those were the thoughts running through my mind when I headed into the studio.

Raphael watched me step into the room and promptly decided to start talking.

"Practices are going to be longer from now on."

I nearly fell over in exhaustion.


"You heard me. There's only three weeks left until the auditions. You need to get on par with your competitors."

"This is a bit of short notice, isn't it?" I asked, irritation in my voice.

This would mean my shifts would have to be shorter. Damn.

"Do you have a problem with that?"

I looked daggers at him and shook my head.

"Good." he said, getting up, "Now, get changed and let's get a move on, shall we?"

Sheesh. Just as I started to have a sneaking suspicion he actually had a nice bone in his body he'd go and prove me wrong like that. 

That day Sutton was even more of a madman in our training than usual. I didn't get a second to breathe, seeing as he was always pointing this out or making me redo that until I wanted to bash my brains out on the wall.

And, even worse, it went on for even longer than usual. By the end of it I was so out of it that I had to peel myself off the floor and drag my feet to my apartment.

It was near-impossible for me to move to the bus stop and get to work, but I managed to do it somehow. Part of it was knowing that Miranda would kill me if I skipped out on her after telling her I would be late. And I felt bad at the idea of leaving her to deal with the dinner rush alone.

I was impressed with myself when I managed to last through the shift. What was even weirder was that some patrons asked me if I was the 'bad bunny'. Guess the video got me a nickname.

The End

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