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Work was crazy again, but just as the rush died down a couple cops came in, chatting animatedly and sat at the stools. 

I was too tired to care, that is until I realized that none other than the same guy I'd met twice was with them.

"Hey boys," I said, hoping he wouldn't recognize me in the new outfit, "What can I get you?" 

Bea had, of course, given me some pointers when she got to see the uniform. I had on a lipstick matching its pink, and just a bit of eyeliner on. Simple and sweet, she'd said.

On the bright side I was actually learning a thing or two from her on the topic of makeup. Nowhere near her skill level, but I wasn't as clumsy as I used to be.

"Coffees all around." the oldest of them said, and then they resumed their conversation and their occasional bursts of laughter.

I skated behind the counter, put down mugs for all of them and poured the last of the coffee pot's contents into them. 

"Milk, cream and sugar are in there. Let me know if you want anything else." I said, pointing to small baskets just to their left.

Miranda had to leave a couple hours before, so I was particularly exhausted as I skated out towards the tables to start wiping them down again.

I missed the dip in the ground and felt my legs give out from under me, and I braced myself for the fall.

It didn't come.

None other than the brunette cop had caught me around the waist, and I stared up at his  chocolate eyes for a second before talking.

"Well, hello."

The cops laughed and it gave me the time to upright myself, using his shoulder as a grip. He didn't flinch at the weight and I made a mental note that he was at least a gentleman.

"Good evening, bunny." he replied, making his companions hoot.

They probably didn't get how literal he was being, but I smiled.

"Do you have a name, or should I just call you buck?" I asked sweetly, eliciting an even louder reaction.

"I'm Roy. You?"

"You'll have to drop by a couple more times to know that," I replied, "Roybit."

I winked and skated off to clean the tables, smiling to myself at the laughter I'd left behind. 

"Looks to me like these two are gonna start an entire bevy!" the old guy boomed, making them all hoot and whoop again.

It beat me how they had so much energy at such a late time, but then I realized that it was probably the promise of coffee that had caused it. I turned and caught a glance of Roy, and he was laughing but hiding his face in embarrassment. 

Our eyes met and he smiled. 

As they were leaving he turned slightly to catch the door and I blew him a kiss. He coloured significantly and I chuckled, skating to the counter to collect the money.

He'd left a tip of three dollars, and I had to appreciate that it was more than his coffee had cost in the first place. Besides, if I managed to have regular customers that would have to increase the tipping, right?

To be honest I'd been hoping he wouldn't have left anything, so that I could have denoted him as cheap and eliminated the possibility of ever doing anything but flirting with him for the sake of fun.

I chided myself for having an imagination like Bea's and set about cleaning up.

I didn't exactly have guys flocking at my door in the hopes of gaining my affection. Sure, Beatrice's tutelage had improved my chances in that department but I had accepted my single-ness as a fact of life.

Or at least, that was what I thought. 

The End

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