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I was just heading out of the studio when I felt a guy shoving rudely past me, yelling for me to get out of the way.

That was a mistake on his part. 

I grabbed his sleeve and dragged him back, slapping him hard across the face. In any other case I wouldn't have, but I had just had hours of Sutton nitpicking and was too tired to think straight.

It was just then that I noticed that he was wearing a balaclava and that there were bags of money in his hands.

Two cops rounded the corner, grabbing and cuffing him as I watched in shock. He was cursing loudly as they did, staring at me in annoyance.

"Thanks, miss!" one of the officers said, picking up the money.

I realized just then that it was the same guy who had been about to ticket Bea. The guy who I convinced not to.

He realized it too and winked before running after his partner.

"I love pizza, by the way!" he called over his shoulder, making me blush profusely.

I'd never really noticed before, but guys in uniform were hot. 

I stopped by the Internet cafe on the way back to my apartment, checking my email anxiously to see if any of the places I'd contacted actually were interested. 

No such luck. I groaned and paid the clerk before heading home to shower and dress in...normal clothes.

I decided that I might as well inform Bea of my losing the bet and my unsuccessful job hunting.

"Hey girl. Wait, let me guess - you lost the bet?"

I groaned.

"Yeah. And I'm still jobless."

"Don't worry Kat, I've been pulling strings right, left and center. I'll find you one."

"Thanks." I sighed, "So does this mean I'm not getting any candy?"

She laughed.

"I only made that bet to prove a point. Of course you can have your cut, I don't want to gain fifty pounds in a week."

That made me feel better.

"Wait...what point?"

"That Raphael Sutton is just as affected by you as you are by him!" she said triumphantly, making me roll my eyes.

"I think any normal person would have felt weird being around me in that outfit."

"Well, how about you watch him around other girls dressed skimpy? Tell me what he does." she replied in a singsongy voice.

"Fine," I said in a bored voice, "I will. But just wait until you hear what else happened today."

"Did you two get some lip action?" she squealed, making me groan.

"No!" I said quickly, "Ew! I met the same police officer who we saw on Halloween."

I cursed Bea for being such a gossip. Right then I had some strange images circulating in my head that made me very uncomfortable. But, thank goodness, the subject changed.

"Really? Was he stalking you?"

She had a vivid imagination. Almost too vivid.

"No, he was chasing a robber that I happened to stop by accident."

"Did he recognize you?"

I sighed.

"Obviously! I was still in the costume!"

"Oh, right! Well what happened next?"

"He told me he liked pizza."

Bea was thrown into a fit of laughter, but I just shook my head in annoyance.

"You're no help sometimes."

"I know." she said sweetly, "Wait, I'm getting another call. Catch you later Kat!"

The call clicked to an end and I fell back onto my bed, shutting my eyes. I really needed that job. 

The End

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