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I sat on the bench a small ways from the studio, sighing. I didn't feel like going home or admitting to Bea that I'd lost the bet miserably, and I still had the entire day to burn.

People stared at me when they walked by, but I was getting used to it. I took out Pride and Prejudice and kept reading, putting my bookmark down beside me.

Our scars make us know that our past was for real. 

I felt my eyes widen. It was as if the book was dishing out relevant life lessons each time I opened it. Or maybe I was just reading at times that I needed life lessons.

The wind blew the bookmark off the bench beside me, and I yelped before giving chase.

I probably looked crazy, in a rabbit costume with a duffel bag over my shoulder and a book in one hand, reaching the other out as I sprinted.

It flew around a corner and I followed, turning stock-still when I saw Raphael standing there, holding the bookmark between two of his fingers.

"Thanks, I'll take that." I said quickly, snatching it and shoving it into the book.

"Abromovich," he said, tasting my name, "I want to apologize."

I looked at him skeptically, putting my book into the duffel bag.

"Why'd you want to do that? Last I checked you were too busy going over what-if scenarios."

"I've clearly made you revisit some unpleasant memories." he replied, "...And I don't like to see you unhappy."

I looked up, into his never-ending oceans of eyes and I felt my petulance disappear.

"I couldn't be angry at you if I tried." I sighed, "But I do know how you could make it up to me."

He looked at me expectantly and I continued.

"Let's finish the practice."

Sutton looked surprised, but I just moved past him on the way to the studio. I wouldn't let my emotions stop me from what I had to do, and time was money. 

Auditions were in a few weeks, after all. 

The End

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