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I couldn't believe it. My only white shoes had been five-inch heels, coincidentally, and Bea had done nothing shorter than force me into them. 

Right then we were walking through the streets of Hyde Park, my pillowcase half-full.

I'd already emptied it about three times in Bea's car trunk, and man can I tell you people treated me differently in costume.

Once I managed to catch a glimpse of myself in the window of a car, and I had to stop and gape a second.

My light hair had returned to its usual straightness, framing my face and falling onto my practically-bare shoulders. Bea had lined my eyes with a silvery-white colour, making them pop and making my lashes like they had been the first time she did my makeup. A glossy, playful pink was on my lips, and I noticed in surprise that my skin looked flawless.

It was official, Beatrice was a magician. Not to mention the fact that the outfit, leaving little to the imagination, made my figure look amazing.

I couldn't help but notice the amount of stares I was getting, or the fact that I somehow ended up with far more generous amounts of candy than Bea. 

Most of the people in the neighborhood were too dignified to ogle me, but I could still feel eyes on me and heard the occasional catcall.

It was almost like being in the Twilight Zone, but my newfound attractive force had made me a bit bold. With my charm we managed to practically fill Bea's trunk completely with candy, and I grinned despite myself.

"One more round." Beatrice wheedled, getting a reluctant nod out of me.

We made our way down the street, just on the verge of turning back towards Bea's car when the engine of a car revved loudly beside us and a horn honked itself multiple times.

I turned, groaning in my head to see a convertible full of a trio of rich, young partygoers.

"Hey bunny!" the driver called, "You wanna go for a ride?"

"Not with you." I replied with acid. 

His friends hooted and I rolled my eyes, walking on and gesturing for Bea to follow.

He reversed the car to travel along with us, continuing to honk.

"Don't be so cold, baby! I'll give you all the candy in the world!"

"To suck on, he means!" One of his friends yelled, getting them all to laugh hysterically.

Right then I was absolutely sure they sounded like a pack of hyenas. I just kept my eyes glued to Bea's car, quickening my footsteps.

Until one of them hopped out of the car and grabbed my arm.

I didn't have to think. I turned, ramming the heel of my free hand into his nose. Hard.

Blood gushed liberally from his face and I slugged him in the jaw, knocking him out.

"Yo, what the fuck you doing, bitch?" the driver yelled, jumping out of the car with his other friend close behind.

Two against one. Bea was too busy cowering behind a bush to do anything.

"I'm taking care of you pigs." I replied, dumping my candy out onto the pavement dividing me and them. 

My plan worked and one of them was actually dumb enough to slip on it, evening the odds a little. 

The other guy ran at me and I waited for the right second before ducking and redirecting his movement with a push so that he missed me entirely and hit the ground.

He hit it at a weird angle, getting up woozily.

I stepped forward and punched him in the throat, knocking the wind out of him. 

The driver (who had been the one to trip on the candy) was up and rushing towards me, but Bea finally caught on and threw me the canister before he got there.

I raised my hand and sprayed it straight into his eyes, giving a generous portion before turning to run.

Beatrice was right behind me, panting even as we got into her car. 

She locked the doors and started it up, swerving as she sped out of the street.

"How the hell did you do that?" she asked breathlessly, evidently shaking.

"If there's one thing my dad taught me," I smirked, "It's how to knock a person out when they're trying to hurt you."

Bea looked at me with raw emotion on her face, and I could tell that she understood me. But then she turned away, laughing.

"You were so kickass, Kat! Fighting them all in your heels!"

I looked at the pepper spray in my hands, chuckling.

"It was just luck." I said modestly, still feeling the adrenaline pumping through my system.

"I'm dressing up as you next halloween."

The End

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