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I spent three days at home, getting myself back up to snuff.

If you're wondering, those three days involved a lot of soup, yoga and Pride and Prejudice.

By the end I was absolutely chomping at the bit to get back to the ballet. But then, of course, I got a beautiful letter in the mail.

When I opened it and scanned the contents, I was tempted to bash my head against the wall. It was from the hospital. It was a bill.

And it wasn't pretty.

"I could loan you the money." Bea offered, making me sigh.

I moved my cell from one ear to the other, holding it with my shoulder as I painted my toenails a deep shade of blue.

Yes, it was actually very stress relieving. When it didn't chip, that is.

"No, I can't live with that." I replied, "I think I'm going to have to get a side job."

"What?" she asked, "Alongside your training and shows?"

"I'll just have to make time," I muttered, "And it will give me some nice spending money eventually. Besides, the season is going to start in December with The Nutcracker, which means I still have an entire month."

"If you say so." she said with uncertainty, "I'll keep an eye out for you. My friend has a laundromat that might be hiring."

"Thanks, Bea." I said, waiting for her to hang up before putting my phone on the nightstand.

I sighed again and started working on a topcoat. Things were going to be busy. And if I didn't manage them properly Sutton would be a total pain in the neck.

I got up and fixed myself a warm glass of milk. Weird, I know, but at times it could actually help me sleep.

My pills were on the counter. Sitting innocently in their containers, watching, waiting.

I picked them up and shoved them into a cupboard, heading back into my room to curl up in my bed.

Eventually I settled into a nervous sleep, and felt my worries drift from my mind. 

The End

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