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The nurse popped back in a minute later, smiling when she saw my empty cup.

"Now you can have the rest!" she beamed, pouring me a refill from a bottle.

I resisted the urge to strangle her and she stepped back to leave after adjusting my IV, giving a little wave.

"You have a visitor, miss, so I'll leave you to it. See you in an hour!"

She practically skipped out, making me wonder if I'd been the only one who had a few cocktails too many. 

The door opened again and I felt my jaw drop. Raphael.

"So you're alive." he mused, taking a sip from a steaming coffee cup, "I guess I should've been driving faster."

"You hit me?" I asked incredulously, reaching for my activated carbon.

He walked over, grabbing a stool to sit beside me.

"As a matter of fact, I did. You stepped in front of my car. Don't tell me you were sleepwalking again."

I sighed.

"I wasn't. Let's just say I had a few too many drinks."

"You didn't strike me as the drinking type." 

"I'm not." I sighed again, "I just made a couple stupid mistakes."

"Now that I can believe." Sutton smirked, getting himself a glare on my part.

"I have a cup of activated carbon here, so don't tempt me." I warned, sipping at it gingerly.

I made a face and he laughed, sending a creeping blush across my cheeks.

"I wasn't kidding." I added, "And believe me when I say that you wouldn't be able to catch this stuff the way you caught that sandwich."

He scoffed, and after a few seconds his face grew serious.

"Did it hurt?" 

I looked up and his eyes had softened again.

"When I hit you, I mean." he added, rubbing his neck.

"I was too drunk to feel anything." I chuckled, trying to lighten the mood.

My side had taken up a dull ache ever since I woke up and I knew I was going to have some nasty bruising. But it was the last thing on my mind when I managed to see the flash of concern in his expression.

"You know..." he started, "You...really had me scared there."

He met my gaze and the witty reply froze in my throat. 

"I'm sorry." I finally croaked, staring into my activated carbon.

"You don't have to be. The Ferrari is dent-proof."

So the regular Sutton was back. I shot him an annoyed look and took down more of the sludge.

"How long have you been here?" I asked, "And what time is it?"

He glanced at his watch, yawning.

"It's six am. Only a couple of hours, I'm not sure when exactly I carried you into the emergency ward."

The image of Raphael running around holding a passed-out me made me laugh for some reason.

"Did you get to watch them pump my stomach?" 

Sutton shook his head.

"No. I was in the lobby, by the gift shop."

"And you didn't even get me a present?" I said with mock drama, "You're too cruel, sunshine."

He rolled his eyes.

"I could get you donuts, if that makes you feel any better-"

"-yes please!" I interrupted, "And make them chocolate!"

Raphael stood up with a sigh, walking to the door.

"If you end up throwing them at me it won't go well." 

With that he left, and I was left to my carbon. 

The End

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