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I drifted in and out of consciousness. At most I was only partially awake, and the pain would crescendo until I lost my senses again.

Only snippets of anything came into my mind. The scent of leather. The sound of a familiar voice cursing. Multicolored lights.

I only gained enough control of my thought to wonder why the world span violently whenever my eyes opened.

I felt myself being hoisted up, and set down again.

Then florescent lights floated above me, burning into my vision.

I could smell disinfectant, hear wheels squeaking.

And then a sharp pain pierced the veil of agony and I fell into a dark, dreamless sleep.


When I finally blinked my eyes open the world was much too bright and I had to shut them again. I waited a few moments before opening them, looking around me drowsily.

My mouth and throat hurt badly. I looked down to see an IV protruding from my arm, and realized with a start I was in a hospital bed. 

"Hello?" I called, trying to sit up.

A doctor came in, holding a clipboard and looking at me with unadulterated annoyance.

"Glad to see you're awake, Miss Abromovich," he started in a flat tone that suggested he wasn't glad at all, "Would you like me to answer any questions?"

He sounded like he was pleading with me not to ask anything. 

"What happened?" I asked anyways, looking apologetic for what it was worth.

"I'm afraid you had a case of alcohol poisoning. Your stomach was pumped. Do you take any medication?"

"Yeah..." I started, trying to think, "Some supplements and...Lunesta."

"A sleep aid." he sighed, "That would explain your bp levels. You should have been told not to drink in combination with Lunesta. It can cause adverse reactions."

A nurse walked in and changed my IV, handing me a plastic cup with some dark black paste in it.

"It's activated carbon," she whispered before I could ask, "It'll take the rest of the toxins out of your system."

I stared at it, wondering if I'd just seen it move.


The doctor sighed to get my attention and continued.

"I'm going to have you kept in hospital for the night so we can monitor your vitals. Please act with caution in the future." he walked to the door, eager to leave, "Oh, and I should were on the verge of crashing. You're very lucky that your boyfriend brought you in when he did."

He left before I could yell at him that I was single. The nurse gave me an apologetic smile and followed him. 

I stared at the 'activated' carbon some more, wondering just how it was activated.

Well, it couldn't hurt any more than an Aunt Roberta. 

I tilted it to my lips and took a sip, instantly recoiling. It was disgustingly reminiscent of cement and stuck to the roof of my mouth. 

I fought my instinct to gag and forced the sludge down, quickly grabbing the water bottle the nurse had left and trying to clean the taste from my mouth. 

Bea was going to kill me when she heard about this. 

The End

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