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"What are you wearing?"

I looked down at my jeans and tank top, shrugging.

"I told you Bea, the last thing I need is to go to a club."

She tutted and fretted, looking through her closet.

"Fine, then we won't go to a club, we'll go to various clubs!"

I sighed, watching Beatrice's light brown hair stream out behind her as she ran from one corner of her room to another, picking up a shoe or a barette.

She ducked behind a wooden screen and emerged within a few minutes with a flourish.

"Ta-da!" she twirled, beaming.

Her hair had been pulled into a braid that fell over her shoulder, almost reaching the bottom of her sequined blue dress. Green eyes looked at me expectantly. 

"Uh..." I started, wondering what I was supposed to say, "When you said dress I didn't think it was going to be a shirt."

She laughed, running over to her vanity and starting to work on her makeup.

"You're such a prude, Kat. You need to live a little!"

Beatrice was a bit older than my freshly-turned twenty, so she managed to fill her clothes a lot better than I did. It didn't help that she was a wizard when it came to dolling herself up.

When she turned around, briefly, she gestured at the closet.

"I am not taking you looking like that. Find yourself something to wear."

I gingerly stepped over the various things strewn over the floor, opening the closet warily.

My hands quickly moved past most of the hangers, seeing as they were mostly dresses like the one Bea was wearing. Eventually I found something that looked fairly modest and threw it out onto the bed.

Beatrice was still working on one of her eyes.

"Get dressed!" she commanded, "And pick something a little daring, would you?"

I sighed and retreated behind the screen, pulling on the dress. 

When I emerged Bea had already finished, and sighed when she saw me.

"How did I know you'd pick the most conservative thing in there?" she rolled her eyes, "Well, it still looks better on you than it did on me. Now, sit yourself down so I can do something about that hair." 

She pulled out a stool in front of the vanity and I approached it with uncertainty, glancing at myself in the mirror. 

I was in a black halter-top dress that was cinched in at the waist, with a flowing skirt that ended a good couple inches beyond my knees. It made my pale hair and skin look even paler than usual, but considering that I barely wore dresses, I looked alright.

When I sat down Bea promptly pulled out a hairbrush and started running it through my hair, not all too gently either.

"Ouch," I muttered, "Take it easy, would you?"

"Sorry," she replied, not sounding very sorry, "I'm just trying to make up for lost time."

She laughed, pulling a curler from the table and starting to coil strands of my hair around it.

"Get it? Because I'm doing your make up?"

I groaned.

"Yes, unfortunately."

After a few minutes she turned me towards her and started sweeping various things over my eyelids, nagging me to stay still. She dusted my cheekbones and then turned me back around to the mirror, making a face in thought.

My pale blue eyes looked smoky and my lashes looked at least a thousand times longer. I stared, wondering how my face had suddenly gained so much definition. Ringlets of hair fell to my shoulders 

"I don't really have any good foundation to match your deathly pallor." she sighed, "And if I put something on your lips you'll start bordering on goth clown."

She looked for a second, pondering, and nodded. 

"With my limited resources, this is the best it's going to get. Come on, Kat, let's go."

Bea turned on her heel, slipping on silver pumps and grabbing her purse. I hurried after her, glad that my black flats actually matched my borrowed outfit.

It hit me suddenly that I was on my way to a club, when I had distinctly insisted that I wasn't going. I sighed, playing with my now-bouncy hair.

What Bea wanted, she would get. 

The End

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