Epilogue: Diamond


Diamond wandered around the city of Farmington, New Hampshire. Nothing but ruined buildings. I'm in the right place, where is Timothy? she thought. The Soldier, The Painless, and The Wanderer appeared before her.

"Hello there, young beauty," said The Soldier.

"Nice to see you've made it this far," The Wanderer mused.

"Now prepare to see your life flash before your very eyes!" said The Painless, with his high-pitched laugh.

Diamond drew her blade. "I'm taking you bastards with me." She lunged at The Soldier, completely missing his left shoulder. The Painless kicked her to her stomach. She gasped as she hit the ground hard.

"It's surprising, the will of a human," muttered The Soldier.

The Wanderer nodded. "It's almost a shame such a beauty should die."

"Too long!" laughed The Painless as he stabbed Diamond in the back. The blood flowed out onto the ground fast. She gasped and coughed, bleeding to death. The Soldier bent down and licked the blood, cackling.

"Such sweet blood!" he exclaimed.

Diamond twitched violently, then, she went limp. Her body was cold as ice. The Soldier and his party glanced around and laughed. They had won. The Earth was theirs.

The End

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